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    Tom Hank's "Finch" Evokes Strong Emotional Reactions From Fans

    Finch will pinch your heart.

    Buddy road trip movie. Post-apocalyptic movie. Heartwarming family film. These are some of the hats that the latest Tom Hanks film, Finch, dons.

    Finch and his dog

    Finch is a movie that strongly reminded viewers of Hanks' Cast Away and Turner & Hooch, and was released last week on Apple TV+. Set against the bleak backdrop of a post-apocalyptic US, it tells the story of an engineer who embarks on a road trip to San Francisco with a dog, a robot, and an android called Jeff as his co-passengers.

    In the first photo, a man drives an RV while his co-passenger, an android, listens to him. In the second photo, the man talks to the android while they are sitting in an open field while their RV stands behind them

    SNL comedian Leslie Jones loved it a lot:

    Yo go see this movie!! Had me balling @tomhanks you are one of the best actors on this planet!! Whoever played that robot LORDT!! So fricking good! #Finch

    Twitter: @Lesdoggg

    Fans agree it's quite an emotional ride:

    Just finished watching #Finch on Apple TV. I'm not crying. You're crying!

    Apple TV+ /Courtesy Everett Collection, Twitter: @Adsinjapan

    #Finch is a charming & sweet little sci-fi with a lot of heart, strong visuals, a great score and an ending that packs a surprising punch. Tom Hanks gives one of his best performances in years and Caleb Landry Jones is equally great as Jeff. Made for the dog lover in all of us

    Apple TV+ /Courtesy Everett Collection, Twitter: @ConnorMovies

    The film was also loved for its beautiful natural landscapes:

    Apple TV+ /Courtesy Everett Collection, Karen Kuehn / © Apple TV+ / Courtesy Everett Collection,  Karen Kuehn / © Apple TV+ /Courtesy Everett Collection,  Twitter: @SandaruChamik

    Dog lovers, it will be impossible not to cry:

    I wasn’t expecting much from #Finch , as the marketing didn’t do much for me. Even though it is fairly formulaic, the film has so much heart to it. Hanks is excellent, the bond between the trio will make you smile, and the direction is solid. It is a great movie for dog lovers!

    Apple TV+ / courtesy Everett Collection, Twitter: @theBurk3nator
    Twitter: @kdramas_movies

    A man, an android, and a dog on a road trip — triple treat:

    A man, a dog & a robot... FINCH is a sweet, charming and well-intended post-apocalyptic vehicle for Tom Hanks and a surprisingly funny android. It also has its moments of thrills, I always enjoy the survival aspect of those type of movies, appreciate the little things. #Finch

    Twitter: @m77oz

    #Finch is such a heartwarming & emotional journey of friendship - with one of the most impressively animated (and genuinely funny) robots yet. Tom Hanks is of course brilliant, along with his adorably cute dog. Yes I may have cried a little too... Review coming soon!

    Apple TV+ /Courtesy Everett Collection, Twitter: @nicola_aus

    Is there anyone who didn't cry in this film?

    " #Finch" . Thought it would be some entertaining sci-fi but end up in tears. #TomHanks's expressions were enough #AppleOriginals #AppleTVPlus

    Apple TV+ /Courtesy Everett Collection, Twitter: @SUMAN_BITTU_
    Karen Kuehn / © Apple TV+ / courtesy Everett Collection, Twitter: @WhereTrueLoveIs

    A nice humanizing touch to the android. Reminds me of Chappie:

    Jeff’s parka jacket isn’t being spoken about enough… #Finch

    Twitter: @RoyHBT

    Turner & Hooch references were bound to happen:

    I am just glad to see that both Turner and Hooch survived the apocalypse. #Finch

    Karen Kuehn / © Apple TV+ /Courtesy Everett Collection , Twitter: @SurvivingGrady

    More love for Tom Hanks. Will he get nominated for an Oscar?

    Tom hanks my favorite actor of all time! #Finch @tomhanks

    Twitter: @kdramas_movies

    Jeff, though an inanimate character, breathed fresh air into the movie:

    #Finch Jeff listening to @thespecials is everything.. ❤❤❤ #enjoyyourself

    Twitter: @Ska_Tpodcast
    Apple TV+ / courtesy Everett Collection, Twitter: @ComicsNerd2

    This dog is the main supporting actor in the movie:

    absolutely in love with this doggo #Finch

    Twitter: @tril_lian

    Watch Finch on Apple TV+, and let us know what you think about it in the comments below!