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    20 Fan Reactions To Season 2 Of "The Wilds"

    The second season is wilder.

    A bunch of teenage girls en route to a women's event are left stranded in the wilderness after their plane crashes, killing some of them. The girls somehow survive in the wilderness, and many years later, when they have been rescued, are forced to recount their ordeal.

    A group of girls on a private jet

    The Wilds employs the aforementioned plotline, but the girls are stranded on an island (that has a jungle), and there might be a group of stranded boys, too, in the vicinity. Not sure if hunting down each other for food is on the menu or not.

    A group of boys on a private jet

    Fans who were waiting for two years for the second season were thrilled when it dropped recently on Amazon Prime, and let's see what they have got to say:

    Sophia Ali looks down on something

    1. Some fans feel betrayed by the surprise additions to the second season.

    remember when the wilds was a female centric show made by women about women for women

    Twitter: @shonisvape

    2. Leah's scenes are indeed humorous, and someone should make a clip and upload on YouTube.

    leah is the funniest part of the wilds she truly is so unhinged i have no idea what she’s going to do next when i’m watching

    Twitter: @blyspedretti

    3. People are in love with the actors.

    how did the wilds on prime pull off casting the most attractive women on earth for their 8 leads answer quickly

    Twitter: @shelbysfolklore

    4. People are miffed about the "twists" that second season threw up.

    Twitter: @royalgoodfoe

    5. God knows how many people couldn't figure out where Nora was?

    rachel: SHES HERE NORA IS HERE me, looking at the ocean: BITCH WHERE #TheWilds

    Twitter: @belashalifoe

    6. The show runs this risk if it decides to go for a very long run.

    imagine the wilds pulls a greys anatomy and has 19 seasons. then the only first 3 seasons were on an island so we would be like “only real ones remember marcus” or “real ones remember the pit”

    Twitter: @l4c44

    7. Maybe one of them was wearing a very good deodorant and the other wanted a whiff.

    they sat awfully close for two people who apparently hated each other #TheWilds

    Amazon Prime / Via Twitter: @adoringshalifoe

    8. People are in for a rude surprise.

    everyone except us is watching the wilds like this

    Twitter: @belashalifoe

    9. Well, this does sound like false advertisement.

    the worst thing to me is that the wilds will never be a female-centric show again. like i could deal with the boys if they got a season and then were sidelined but they're gonna be main characters in s3. actually crazy to me how the writers lost the plot on that one

    Twitter: @shalifoefc

    10. No complaints here!

    the wilds really said oh you want a raging lesbian? watch this.

    Amazon Prime / Via Twitter: @wi1dnights

    11. Well, boys can be...erm...childishly belligerent.

    The boys anytime there was a disagreement #TheWilds

    Twitter: @CelinaIsaacs

    12. The two-year wait has put the fear of hiatus or cancellation in the heart of some fans.

    can someone please renew the wilds so they can start writing and filming and editing and i dont end up watching s3 with my wife and kids

    Twitter: @thewildsfc

    13. Those eyes are transfixing.

    shelby “crazy eyes” goodkind #TheWilds

    Amazon Prime / Via Twitter: @adoringshalifoe

    14. Another long wait for another season.

    “Do you miss The Wilds?” 😭 😭 😭😭😭 😭😭😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭😭 😭😭😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭😭😭 😭😭😭

    Twitter: @tonigoodkind

    15. She should get her own comedy spinoff.

    Amazon Prime / Via Twitter: @sapphicstuf

    16. Toni with her hair down is magic for some.

    i desperately NEED more of toni with her hair down in s3, please 😭 #thewilds

    Amazon Prime / Via Twitter: @adoringshalifoe

    17. This is a funny depiction of what the show has done in the second season.

    Twitter: @shelbaldswife

    18. Who all wants them to be together?

    they are literally that annoying couple that do everything together 🥺 #TheWilds

    Amazon Prime / Via Twitter: @adoringshalifoe

    19. Well we can't have all the good things in one show or season.

    the only white boy who deserved rights in the wilds was nora’s bf but he’s dead so

    Twitter: @angeldgbo

    20. Some good expectations for the next season.

    that unspoken bond between toni and rachel was really beautiful, but imma need it to be vocalised and explored in s3 #thewilds

    Amazon Prime / Via Twitter: @adoringshalifoe