These Reactions Prove That "The Boys" Season 3 Has Set The Internet On Fire

    Who's ready for some head popping?

    After making us wait for two whole years, The Boys is (are) back. The third season of this idiosyncratic series is full of humour, expletives, ultraviolence (some very weird stuff), higher stakes, newer (actually older) superheroes, and a new version of Compound V that grants users powers for 24 hours.

    Anthony Starr smiles creepily

    The series picks up from where it left at the end of Season 2 and starts with a demoralised Homelander trying to rehabilitate his image after he dipped his toe in the fascist pool that was Stormfront. I was stunned to see Charlize Theron making a cameo.

    Jack Quaid looks tensely at something on a laptop

    Let's see what the internet is saying about the third season this wild ride.

    This season is wilder than the last.

    #TheBoys Season 3 is even more depraved than previous seasons. And I mean that as the BIGGEST compliment. It goes to places no other series ever has. And Homelander is for sure one of the scariest super villains of all time. Prepare yourself. #TheBoysTV @PrimeVideo @TheBoysTV

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    The Boys hits the right marks.

    Season 3 of The Boys completely eviscerates bro-ified, Musk-ified culture. Trashes white nationalism and corporate greed. Gun culture, too. It’s one of the best pieces of commentary on today’s America that I’ve ever read or scene.

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    This was bananas on so many levels.

    This is the best out of context of The Boys season 3 Episode 1

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    Fans can't stop talking about this.

    The boys season 3 no context spoilers

    Via Twitter: @Baykid92

    Anthony Starr has done a commendable job of making Homelander despicable.

    Anthony Starr as Homelander is easily one of the greatest villains we’ve ever seen in Live Action. he is absolutely terrifying! The Boys Season 3 Episode 2 spoilers | and basically a parody of the All Star Supermen Scene

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    That was shocking as well as funny.

    11 minutes into the boys season 3 … what the fuck am i watching #TheBoys #TheBoysTV

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    Luckily, I had my dinner hours before I started watching Season 3.

    Don't start #TheBoys season 3 while you are eating. I repeat don't even think of watching the first 14 mins while there's food in ur mouth. Thank me later.

    Twitter: @badal_bnftv

    Now we are all in the dark.

    #TheBoys real fuckin nervous that almost all of the trailer content was from the first 3 episodes so now we’re completely in the dark for the rest of the season. this is going to HURT

    Twitter: @leohoratio

    It will be very difficult for The Boys to top this scene.

    that “sneeze” scene in The Boys season 3 is one of the wildest things I’ve ever seen in a TV show

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    Well, that was gross and cruel.

    TheBoys spoilers // - Ep 3 without context #TheBoysTV #TheBoys

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    Charlize Theron is on a superhero roll.

    Holy Shit its Charlize Theron as Stormfront, I can tell this season is going to be another banger! #TheBoys #TheBoysTV #TheBoysPremiere #bhfyp

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    Stormfront is always ready for the job at hand.

    It isn’t #TheBoys if at least a very disturbingly detailed penis is shown. Season 3 started off strong. 💀 also… Stormfront giving Homelander a handy took years off my life

    Twitter: @genehsees

    I'm pretty sure Maeve is going to get more scenes, but during the first three episodes she is barely there.

    Twitter: @danversbelova

    Will Homelander's inside monster publicly come out in this season?

    Homelander is on DEMON mode all day lmaoo. The Boys season 3 is incredible so far.

    Twitter: @MightyKeef

    It's always heart-warming to see Kimiko happy.

    Kimiko being extra cute this season 🥺 #TheBoys

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    I just hope that Frenchie doesn't force himself again on Kimiko like the first season.

    the best part of the boys season 3 is that frenchie and kimiko can communicate fluently in their sign language now like it genuinely makes me so happy

    Twitter: @BIDERVERSE

    The actor who played Stan Edgar's younger version is getting noticed.

    Holy shit I just witnessed the best Acting/Casting I've ever seen in Cinema Justiin Davis playing younger Stan Edgar's was fantastic. His mannerisms, movement and speech was spot on. If I ever seen a younger version of Giancarlo Esposito in any movie it has to be him! #TheBoys

    Twitter: @Pedguin

    Loads of mess created in Episode 3.

    butcher throwing up on hughie, annie and that supersonic guy flirting right in front of him and now annie and homelander are gonna be dating in front of the entire world oh wow this is not his season at all😭😭poor guy #TheBoysTV #TheBoys

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    #TheBoys #TheBoysTV Hughie: Neuman is a supe Butcher:

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