17 Reasons That Will Make You Wish You Watched "Shining Vale" Sooner

    Shining reasons to bask in the shiny humor of this show.

    If you feel overwhelmed by all the true-crime miniseries that have flooded streaming TV recently, you would love to bite into this pie of horror that has comedy filled inside. Starz's latest TV series, Shining Vale, is a delectable treat that will provide its consumers unmingled delight.

    Greg Kinnear reads a book in kitchen while Courteney Cox speaks to him

    It gives me ample pleasure to lay down 17 reasons before our esteemed readers that shall convince them to put Shining Vale on their entertainment roster.

    1. Unlike Netflix, Starz doesn't dump the whole season at once. But Shining Vale, with all its episodes out of the basket, is a juicy comic fruit ripe for picking and binge-watching.

    Courteney Cox, Greg Kinnear, Dylan Gage look at something

    2. Shining Vale focuses on a family that has recently moved to Connecticut from Brooklyn after the mother's brief dalliance with a man who came to fix her sink (and didn't even fix the sink).

    The front of a very old house

    3. The show's skeleton is made of horror that is blanketed by muscle fibers of raucous comedy.

    Gus Birney talks to Susan Park while Park drives her SUV

    4. The show marks the return of comedy veteran, Courteney Cox, to scripted TV after a gap of seven years after the conclusion of Cougar Town. Cox is engrossed in the role of Pat Phelps, a frenetic and flustered wife who is juggling a strained marriage, impudent kids, mental disorder, and the constantly dangling sword of her upcoming book's deadline. And then there's a ghost to deal with.

    Courteney Cox turns around and looks at someone

    5. Many actors worthy of adulation adorn the cast of the show.

    Mira Sorvino holding a cigarette

    6. The name of the show is a deliberate nod to Stanley Kubrick's The Shining.

    Courteney Cox looks at someone

    7. The shows pays tribute to many other horror classics as well.

    Courteney Cox is lying in bed while Mira Sorvino lies next to her and looks at her

    8. It's totally unsurprising that the show has received unqualified acclaim with a 73% critics rating and 92% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

    Merrin Dungey's face appears on the screen of a laptop in a video call

    9. A show this funny is befitting of the comic minds it has emanated from. Sharon Horgan and Jeff Astrof, two commendable creators, birthed this series.

    Gus Birney talks enthusiastically to a boy

    10. Courteney Cox is also the producer of the show, a fact that bolsters the comedic credentials of the show.

    Courteney Cox in a bathtub

    11. The show's basic premise followed a theme embodied by Sharon Horgan's supposition: what if The Shining was a sitcom? It was after hearing that that Jeff Astrof became interested, and when he saw the quote about the mental health of women that opens the first episode of the show, he was totally on board.

    Courteney Cox smiles at someone

    12. The plot details of the show arose from faux "real events" that Horgan and Astrof learned about in a meeting with one of the executive producers of the show, Aaron Kaplan.

    Courteney Cox works on her laptop while Dylan Gage looks at the screen

    13. Greg Kinnear got the script two months into COVID-19 and he decided to join the show because it made him laugh and stuff that could draw laughter from him were quite scarce at that time.

    Courteney Cox and Greg Kinnear lie side by side on a bed

    14. At first, Horgan and Astrof didn't have any particular actor in mind for the role of Patricia Phelps.

    Courteney Cox and Greg Kinnear sit far from each other on a long sofa

    15. For her scenes with Gus Birney, who plays the role of Pat's insolent daughter, Cox drew upon her own experiences with her teenage daughter which closely resembles the mother-daughter relationship the show portrays.

    Courteney Cox looks at someone

    16. The show also draws attention to mental health issues in women which often get dismissed as wanton desire for attention or subdued by domestic and professional responsibilities.

    Gus Birney looks somewhere

    17. A major attraction of the show is Mira Sorvino who plays the role of the ghost, Rosemary. Her character has a mellifluous shell that reveals to have a menacing layer underneath. Although she doesn't have much screen time, her character strongly influences the events of the story.

    Mira Sorvino holding a cigarette

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