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    These "Red Notice" Moments Had Me Rolling On The Floor Laughing

    Ed Sheeran killed it.

    Red Notice has been a fan favorite since the day it dropped on Netflix. It is an action-comedy heist thriller that sees two master thieves and an FBI agent joining forces to steal historical artifacts. Recently, it became the most-watched movie ever on Netflix, as was revealed by its lead star, Dwayne Johnson.

    Elizabeth Goodenough/Everett Collection

    Here are some of the funniest and wittiest moments from the movie.

    1. Just as a street vendor starts cursing after Booth, Agent Hartley falls on his stall, smashing it.

    A man falls on a roadside stall.

    2. Booth enjoys getting personal.

    Ryan Reynolds and Ritu Arya talk to each other

    3. This man's tattoos did remind me of Post Malone before Booth called him so.

    A man with face tattoos serves food in a prison.

    4. The Bishop admonishes the handcuffed super thief for his excuses.

    Gal Gadot says something

    5. Booth is a shameless liar.

    Ryan Reynolds denies having said something after which Gal Gadot plays a recording on her phone that contradicts Reynolds

    6. He has a point.

    Ryan Reynolds saying something to Dwayne Johnson

    7. Browser history is an effective and nonviolent way to threaten someone.

    Gal Gadot threatening someone

    8. A reference to many incidents of surveillance by Alexa.

    A surveillance room with many screens and three men keeping an eye on stuff

    9. The villain has the iPhone minus 4.

    Ryan Reynolds talks about the villain

    10. Banter between the nouveau partners.

    Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson, both at a party and wearing masks over their eyes

    11. During their fight with The Bishop in Soto Voce's mansion, Hartley smashes a glass case and takes out a shield. Booth tries to emulate him with painful results.

    Dwayne Johnson smashes a glass case with his elbow after which Ryan Reynolds too tries to do the same but hurts his elbow

    12. This funny reference to that classic dialogue from Jurassic Park.

    Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson stand in the middle of a bullfighting game and talk about Jurassic Park

    13. After Hartley tries to scare Booth by hanging him outside the train, we get a great moment.

    Ryan Reynolds says something

    14. A guard bumps into Ed Sheeran, and he starts swinging his guitar in order to fight.

    Ed Sheeran swings his guitar while a policeman apprehends him from behind.

    15. Even funnier are Ed Sheeran's attempts at getting himself freed. I hope you didn't miss him in Game of Thrones.

    Ed Sheeran is dragged off the stage by two policemen

    16. Very important to differentiate between pork and cheese.

    Ryan Reynolds eats something with fork and Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot comment

    17. Even toward the end of the movie, Booth isn't done with his funny quips.

    Ryan Reynolds says something.

    18. That clip actually exists.

    Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds talk with each other.

    19. What were some of your favorite moments from Red Notice? Let me know in the comments below!