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    These Reactions To The "Peacemaker" Finale Prove What A Mind-Blowing Show It Is

    The internet is losing its mind over it.

    The Peacemaker finale has just been released on HBO Max and honestly what a sublime spectacle it was.

    Jennifer Holland, John Cena, and Freddie Stroma fire their guns

    The show wrapped up the Project Butterfly storyline in the finale — and did so in a goofy, bloody, humorous, and emotional way that has become hallmark of the show.

    John Cena and Annie Chang look at a giant caterpillar like alien

    But the finale wasn't only about the bunch of misfits battling butterfly aliens, it also had something special for the fans of DCEU.

    John Cena and Robert Patrick sitting outside Peacemaker's cabin

    A strongly positive fan reaction ensured that Peacemaker is renewed for Season 2. Let's take a look at how the internet is losing its mind over the last episode of Peacemaker season 1.

    1. It seems like nearly all fans are in agreement that the finale indeed was great:

    Warner Bros. Pictures / Via Twitter: @_DivineComedian

    2. That's why Peacemaker was so entertaining — because no one knew we needed this:

    “Nobody asked for #Peacemaker” but yet it’s the #1 show on Hbomax Let that sink in for a minute

    Twitter: @BrooklynBatman_

    3. I can't hear you scream because I am screaming as well:


    HBO Max / Via Twitter: @battinsongotham

    4. Plus, the beloved opening credits song playing in the background of the battle scene even more exhilarating:

    The field fight scene was fucking fantastic! #Peacemaker

    HBO Max / Via Twitter: @Massive_Peace

    5. Fans concur that John Cena's huge muscly arms carry the show:

    When they said “special cameo” in #Peacemaker they actually meant John Cena 🧜‍♂️

    HBO Max / Via Twitter: @tyl3rdoug1as

    6. And with Vigilante, never was a psychopath loved so much:

    After finishing #Peacemaker , I can officially say that Vigilante is one of the best characters on the show

    HBO Max / Via Twitter: @dctitanstower

    7. Such mad love for this guy:

    If Vigilante kills me DO NOT prosecute him, it was MY fault, he caught ME slipping, that is on ME! #Vigilante #PeacemakerFinale #peacemaker

    HBO Max / Via Twitter: @kellypdoa

    8. And then of course the big cameo of the finale happened. So that rumor about Aquaman is true? I hadn't thought we would actually see Jason Momoa in this.

    Best moment In DC history #Peacemaker

    HBO Max / Via Twitter: @JessePena108

    9. And let's talk about the implications of the Justice League cameo:

    #Peacemaker spoilers - - - - - - - - - - - So not only has James Gunn confirmed the Justice League is still an active team to this current DCEU. He may have left hope for Henry Cavill Superman to come back as well! This just made my night wow

    Twitter: @jaidenlikestuff

    10. My girl Amanda has lots of clout:

    #Peacemaker spoilers!! . . . . . . . . . The way Amanda Waller was probably the one that called the justice league makes her more badass

    HBO Max / Via Twitter: @wxhite_wxolf

    11. And Eagly definitely tried his best:

    Eagley did his best ok #peacemaker #PeacemakerParty

    Twitter: @dailyishere2

    12. Maybe he's the MVP?

    What an absolute fucking king. #PeacemakerParty

    HBO Max / Via Twitter: @HeroMode

    13. Who wields the shield better: Captain America or Peacemaker?

    I LOVE THE SHIELD OF PEACE 🛡️ #Peacemaker

    HBO Max / Via Twitter: @Massive_Peace

    14. Please give Vigilante a break:

    HBO Max / Via Twitter: @jesperfection

    15. Also, Peacemaker owes him big time:

    i’m so glad he survived the finale😭😭 #Peacemaker #Vigilante

    HBO Max / Via Twitter: @bernatviktoria

    16. When it comes to the 11th Street Kids, I liked their functional and emotional improvement as a group:

    These scenes are so heartwarming. They're finally not just a team but friends/family. 😊😁 #peacemaker #PeacemakerParty

    HBO Max / Via Twitter: @comics_a

    17. Sorry, Colonel:

    18. And then there were even more beans spilled:

    Green Arrow & Aquaman DID WHAT??? 💀 #Peacemaker

    HBO Max / Via Twitter: @DynamoSuperX

    19. Another thing fans agree on is that we wish we could see Judomaster unmasked:

    Judomaster was a dope character #peacemaker

    Twitter: @TFECASH

    20. The last episode humanized Judomaster:

    Another scene on Judomaster eating Hot Flaming Cheetos, gotta love the chips yeaaa...... Why is he crying tho? Does he felt bad about the butterflies? #Peacemaker #PeacemakerParty #Judomaster

    HBO Max / Via Twitter: @Maria_Biancaaaa

    21. And it humanized Economos as well. His monologue was moving:

    Economos' beard monologue is so brutal and unexpectedly moving. Amazing job by @SteveAgee and @JamesGunn! What a great finale! #Peacemaker

    HBO Max / Via Twitter: @StephenH2OMan

    22. I liked the emotional touch before things started exploding:

    I can't be the only one who got teary eyed when Economos told about his himself 😭 This show is INSANELY great #Peacemaker . Thank You @JamesGunn YOU'RE A GOAT 🔥☮️

    Twitter: @battinsongotham

    23. And overall, I was guffawing the whole time:

    This was one of the funniest scenes. Could not stop laughing 🤣😂#PeacemakerParty

    HBO Max / Via Twitter: @giselleb1234

    What did you think of the Peacemaker finale? Let us know in the comments.