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    The Funniest Moments In "The Guardians Of The Galaxy Holiday Special"

    The Guardians bring forth Christmas humor.

    After battling interstellar threats in previous movies of the MCU, the guardians are battling the despondence of Peter Quill in The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special and try to enliven him by kidnapping Kevin Bacon from Earth.

    Nebula, Drax, Sean Gunn and Mantis talk while standing on a balcony

    1. The movie starts with a song suffused with humor borne out of cultural unawareness. The lead singer sings about the exploitation of "creepy elves" by Santa Claus.

    An alien singer sings while different species of aliens gawk at him

    2. He then follows it up with insights about Mrs. Claus's profession and her feelings for her bearded husband.

    An alien singer sings

    3. A secret of Mantis impels her to bring a special Christmas gift for Peter Quill and help him get over Gamora's loss. But Drax totally mis-guesses the secret.

    Drax and Mantis chat with each other

    4. Mantis and Drax get sloshed in a bar and spend all their money. Then, Mantis not only bewitches a woman into giving her the map of Hollywood showing the residences of famous actors but also robs her.

    Drax and Mantis talk to a vendor of maps

    5. Drax throws Mantis over the gate when she was still mid-sentence and not ready.

    Without any heads up, Drax tosses Mantis over the gate

    6. Drax gets helpless when the cops shower him with bullets not because of any injury to his countenance but because they tickle him.

    Drax laughs as bullets hit him

    7. Mantis very casually and innocently explains why they are kidnapping Kevin Bacon.

    Mantis talks to two cops trapped inside an overturned car

    8. Mantis and Drax are disgusted when they find out that Kevin Bacon is not an actual hero but an actor!

    Kevin Bacon, Drax and Mantis sitting inside a spaceship filled with Christmas paraphernalia

    9. One of the funniest moments in the movie and quite unexpected, too, is when Kevin Bacon says this:

    Kevin Bacon says something

    10. Drax being totally unaware of the gravity of the crime he has done.

    Peter Quill says something to Drax at which the latter laughs

    11. Rocket was calming Kevin Bacon down, but the moment he is called a "talking raccoon," he rage-fully lunges at Bacon.

    Rocket lunges at Kevin Bacon

    12. Knowing his crew, Peter has to caution Nebula to bring back Kevin Bacon, alive.

    Peter Quill asks Nebula to fetch Kevin Bacon for him

    13. Another moment that made me crack up was when Kevin Bacon gets a call on his iPhone on the Verizon network while being deep within outer space.

    Kevin Bacon and Sean Gunn talk inside a spaceship

    14. Nebula's realization about actors was funny and also pertinent to our times when many "beloved" celebrities have been exposed as obnoxious people.

    Nebula says something

    15. Rocket and Cosmo do their own version of decorating a Christmas tree by decorating a talking, dancing tree, i.e., Groot.

    Rocket and Cosmo hang Christmas decorations from Groot

    What were your favorite moments?