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    The Internet Is In Love With The Red Guardian From "Black Widow"

    The Red Guardian likes to paint the town red.

    Black Widow was released on July 9 and everyone fell in love with Alexei Shostakov aka Red Guardian. He is a tough giant with a soft heart and a goofball. Let's see what viewers have to say about him.


    1. I think this is a logical expectation/demand after seeing the goofy and gigantic Guardian in Black Widow.

    Twitter: @SuperSuitShow

    2. The Red Guardian is fitting nicely into the heart of the viewers.

    Red Guardian is the best part of #BlackWidow 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Twitter: @SkylerShuler

    3. Though he may not have been in touch with his "daughters", the Red Guardian never forgot them and carries their name on his body.

    Black Widow (2021), Red Guardian's tattoo on his right arm translates to Natasha and Elena

    Twitter: @moviedetail

    4. I hope Marvel is listening. At least make him appear in Captain America 4.

    hey Marvel yall know we need a Red Guardian movie right? #BlackWidow

    Twitter: @vicious696

    5. Yeah! Marvel and Disney, are you listening?

    Black Widow was good. But now I want a Red Guardian movie

    Twitter: @ZeRoyalViking

    6. Cate Shortland, the director of Black Widow agrees.

    After seeing BLACK WIDOW, I really only have one question… Red Guardian movie when?

    Twitter: @FrankTieri

    7. Well, Stranger Things comparisons were bound to happen.

    I’d like to think that Hopper is a variant of Red Guardian. #BlackWidow

    8. A reference to the beginning of the movie where the Red Guardian clings to the plane and escapes.

    Twitter: @jasonsproblems

    9. The Red Guardian brought some dad energy to the movie.

    Black Widow was superrrrrrr mid, Red Guardian CARRIED the movie. That’s all i have to say.

    Twitter: @Class

    10. We may be in luck.

    I need Red Guardian to show up in Captain America 4 please

    Twitter: @NegativeArrow_

    11. Looks quite similar to how Captain America does when he says "I can do this all day".

    My ramblings about Taskmaster don’t change the fact that Black Widow was pretty good and I enjoyed the movie overall. David Harbour’s Red Guardian and Florence Pugh’s Yelena Belova were the standout characters for me

    Twitter: @NegativeArrow_

    12. Well that makes more than one of us.

    the fact that David Harbour'a character is named Alexei in Black Widow almost made me scream in the theater

    Twitter: @_JamJars

    13. Wish there was more of him in the film.

    David Harbour as Red Guardian is my favorite character in Black Widow 😍 #BlackWidow #DavidHarbour #RedGuardian #Marvel #MarvelStudios #MCU #DisneyPlus

    Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / © Marvel Studios / Courtesy Everett Collection / TCD/Prod.DB / Alamy Stock Photo (2) Twitter: @JonnyLeTran5

    14. How many of you noticed this?

    still thinking about how in Black Widow David Harbour has “KARL MARX” knuckle tattoos

    Twitter: @KevKoeser

    15. The stuntswomen who bring the badass characters to life by their acrobatics and martial arts often don't get their due recognition. David Harbour decided to bring these oft ignored members of movie production into the limelight.

    16. Captain Holt weighs in.

    Twitter: @capscinema

    17. One of the cutest Alexei moments

    So sweet, I love Alexei #BlackWidow

    Twitter: @lk_wwcb

    18. I think Alexei should have said something similar to "make toilet in hands"

    #blackwidow spoilers - - - i felt so bad for alexei cause he wasn’t able to express how much he loved and cared for his family and he even realized it at the end 💔

    Twitter: @wintersromanoff


    !! black widow spoilers !! alexei 😭😭😭

    Twitter: @s0000i1

    20. As a bonus, here's what Red Guardian was originally introduced as: Natasha's husband!

    Red Guardian made his debut, in 1967, with a very different relationship with Natasha.

    Twitter: @The_Con_Fluence

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