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    May 6, 2017

    Secrets Toys 'R' Us Employees Will Never Tell You

    Funnily enough, it's not all unicorns and rainbows in there.

    1. The sinking feeling you get when the manager tells you to tidy the 'girls' section.

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    The worst area to tidy by far. Have you ever tried to make 300 boxes of Barbie dolls all stand in a straight line on a shelf?

    2. We secretly judge customers who refuse to buy their sons a toy in pink, and their daughters a toy in blue.


    It's just a colour, guys, NOTHING will happen to your kid.

    3. If you ask us if we have a certain product left in stock, we'll most likely lie and tell you no.


    We really don't want to spend ages searching amongst thousands of toys in the storeroom.

    4. Children peeing on the floor is more common than you think.


    There's nothing worse than having to mop up pee.

    5. The word "re-shop" makes us all give each other pitiful looks.


    The next few hours following those words will be tough.

    6. A lot of our time is spent reading information off the back of boxes to lazy customers.


    Seriously, why don't they just read it themselves?

    7. The police are in so often we might as well have a station right next door.


    We catch thieves every. single. day.

    8. We take short breaks in the toilets


    We have 6 hour shifts with no breaks, which means 6 hours of constant walking, which sucks. The only way to get to sit down is to hide in the loo for 5 minutes!