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People On "Urban Dictionary" Post The Craziest S%#&

Urban Dictionary is a Web-based dictionary that contains nearly eight million definitions as of July 29, 2014. Submissions are regulated by requiring membership of either Facebook or Gmail, and subsequently by volunteer editors and rated by site visitors.

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Look at some of the definitions people posted that are on the homepage of the site.

Smoking w&%# in a closed and small space, with the intent of not letting the smoke escape, to recycle the smoke in a sence, as in a car for example.EXAMPLE: I was so high last night after we went fish bowling in my car.
A phrase said after describing something strange, awkward, ironic, hilarious, crazy, or otherwise profound.EXAMPLE: Person A: "How was your day?" Person B: "Well, today at Walmart a naked lady in her 90's shuffled into the store. She had to be wrapped in a bathrobe from aisle 18 and escorted to the hospital...So there's that."
When everything you touch turns to sh&%.EXAMPLE: Mike's wrecked his third car in a year and lost his job and his girl. He's got the brown touch.
Like butterflies in your stomach...only in your d*ck.EXAMPLE: That bird is so fit she gave me d*ck butterflies.
A condom. An umbrella for your pe**s preventing the c*m outside. EXAMPLE: Amy: Do you have the protection?Ben: A c*mbrella? Yeah I've already put it on.
Similar to being friend zoned, only far worse.While being friend zoned can sometimes produce a friend, being acquaintance zoned produces nothing.EXAMPLE: Josh: So how did asking out Sarah go?Larry: Not well at all. No interest.Josh: Friend zoned?Larry: Worse. Acquaintance zoned.
When you are already swoll as f**k. But you think you still need to get swoll as f**k. It's like a sickness.EXAMPLE: Me: "Bro you're swoll as f**k" Friend: "nahh man I don't think I swoll enough" Me: "Bro I think you're swollorexic"

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