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    5 Times Students From The Unii App Nailed Life!

    If you're a student in the UK and haven't heard of Unii, let me introduce you! It's like twitter but only for your campus with hilarious updates from other students! Here are 5 times users on Unii nailed student life!

    1. Online banking is a great way to check your money...


    Unless you're a student, then it's a constant reminder that you have no money!

    2. It's all fun and games living in halls...

    Unii App / Via

    Until you forget to lock your room or your housemates get hold of your keys!

    3. Waking up for 9am lecture is actually the easy part...

    Unii App / Via

    It's the staying up during the boring powerpoint presentation that is the hard part.

    4. They say you make life long friends at university...

    Unii App / Via

    Well, that's until they shave your eyebrows off and post it on the latest student app!

    5. Libraries used to be a place for last-minute essay work

    Unii App / Via

    Now they're apparently a place where you watch PornHub in between lectures!

    About time they finally made a social app just for students, I couldn't bare my mum seeing one more photo of me falling over drunk, grrr! If you want to download it, you will need a uni email address as it's only for students!

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