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    Just 27 Products That’ll Turn Your Home Into The Relaxing Haven Of Your Dreams

    Your home is your sanctuary, so kick back and relax.

    1. An eye massager so after you're done with a full day of staring at your computer screen, you can help relieve that eye strain. The mask heats up as well as massages to give those eyeballs a much-needed reset.

    Women wearing eye massager

    2. A rain showerhead so you have just the right amount of pressure for a steamy, relaxing cleanse. Plus, it's rust-proof and comes with easy-to-clean rubber jets that remove hard water deposits such as limescale — this way you won't have a luxurious showerhead that's a pain in the butt to clean.

    a reviewer photo of the shower head

    3. And a pack of shower streamers that I can vouch for myself as Santa brought me some in my stocking for Christmas last year and they make for a soothing shower experience. They are a great way to get into a relaxed state when you don't have the time for a bath.

    a reviewer photo of the shower steamers in gift box

    4. An incense holder to give off a peaceful aroma in your home. This stand can hold multiple sticks of incense depending on how strong you want the scent — it also catches the ash in the walnut wood base for an easy cleanup.

    a reviewer photo of the incense holder next to books

    5. Or a soy wax sandalwood and rose candle so you don't have to worry about unwanted chemicals that can be present in other scented candles. This one burns for 60–70 (!!!) hours so it will last you a long time, even if you are lighting it every day (like I do). 🕯️

    Candle in brown glass

    6. A moon lamp to add a beautiful glow to any room with 16 different colors that can flash or fade into each other. It's even equipped with a remote so you can change the colors or brightness from wherever you are lounging.

    Moon lamp next to vase with flowers

    7. A plush beanbag chair that's not only cozy for humans but that animals LOVE as well — even a horse!! With the '90s came the beanbag chair, but honestly, why did it ever leave?! It was one of the comfiest chairs to ever exist and it's time to bring it back!!

    8. A stone and sand canvas print triptych that won't fade or crack and will make you feel like you just stepped into the spa. *Ahh relaxation.*

    Canvas hanging on sea foam green wall

    9. A two-piece set of bath rugs that are thick and cushioned so when you step out of the tub from a nice soak your toes can squish into these padded mats. They are also extra absorbent so they'll soak up all the water when exiting the tub or shower.

    a reviewer photo of the cream colored bathroom mat set

    10. A tree of life dreamcatcher that is a macrame work of art. This beauty is large enough in size that it can easily be the centerpiece of your zen den.

    Dream catcher hanging on the wall next to home decor

    11. A vine-like wall decor with lights to add the perfect ambiance to your bedroom. Just shut off those bright overhead lights and cozy up in your favorite place — your bed. 🛌

    Vine lights hanging above a bed

    12. A mini Japanese-inspired zen garden kit to delight your senses and soothe your mind by simply rolling a printed ball through a tray of sand. It's a great piece for your coffee table because after you create a beautiful design, it should be showcased.

    Zen garden on art table

    13. A fuzzy, faux-fur throw blanket to wrap yourself up like a human burrito. And when you aren't wrapped up in this soft blanket, it's aesthetic enough to drape over a chair without being an eyesore.

    Blanket draped on couch

    14. A star projector so you can create the aurora borealis in your own home, without the need of traveling to a very, very cold place. Or for your cat to give off bat signals. 🤣

    Cat looking at star projector

    15. A dried flower bouquet so you don't have to constantly fuss over flowers dying, going to the store to get them, replacing the water, and washing the vase. Those are just added chores to your already busy life — so the easy and relaxing solution? Dried flowers!!

    Five dried flower arrangements

    16. A stylish rocking chair with a soft, thick cushioned seat and teddy bear-esque fabric, because things have evolved since the days of sitting in your grandma's ol' wooden rocking chair. Constructed of a solid wood and metal frame, this puppy holds up to 250 pounds so the kiddos (or doggos) can sit on your lap and enjoy it too.

    a reviewer photo of the white fuzzy rocking chair on carpet

    17. A pair of noise-cancelling headphones because sometimes all it takes to turn your home into a relaxing haven is some peace and quiet. You can also listen to music and take calls for a multipurpose gadget that makes up for the slightly steeper price tag.

    a reviewer photo of the black headphones

    18. A scalp massager that one reviewer joked he divorced his wife after purchasing because he was so in love with it (🤣😂). All jokes aside, these scalp massagers are in-cred-i-ble and can be used on your neck and shoulders as well.

    Man using massager

    19. A bathtub pillow so you can finally fully relax when you climb into a bath. Every time I get into the tub I think to myself, "I wish I had a pillow so my neck wasn't all jammed up." Don't be like me, just get the pillow already!!

    a reviewer photo of the bath pillow in tub

    20. A wineglass holder for your bath or shower because ~wine~ not? 😉 Take a relaxing bubble bath or steamy shower as you sip on your favorite vino — maybe wine-d down a bit...ok, I'll stop now.

    Hand grabbing wine glass off holder hanging in the shower

    21. A sound machine so you can fall asleep with ease as the dribble of rainfall plays. Are you over the sound of rain as you live in a rainy city? Not a problem — this sound machine has four types of white noise, four fan sounds, three ocean wave sounds, and even has a rushing train, "star dust," meditation, and other relaxing natural sounds so you can change it up as much or as little as you like.

    a reviewer photo of the sound machine glowing teal

    22. A crystal lamp to cleanse the energy in your home and look cool while doing it. This solid white selenite slab is a great addition to a meditation altar or just a calming, ambient alternative to a standard lamp.

    a reviewer photo of the white crystal lamp

    23. A soft shaggy rug because sometimes you just want to sprawl out on the floor and this rug gives you the perfect place to do it. You'll be singing "A Whole New World" like Aladdin after you step onto this thing.

    a reviewer photo of a dog sitting on the white rug

    24. A foot spa because we are done with the overpriced pedicures at the salon that, let's be honest, you aren't really relaxing at anyways. This heats up the water to the temperature of your liking to give those feet some self-care — these lil' piggies went to the spa!!

    Foot spa filled with water

    25. A Tibetan singing bowl to provide mesmerizing tones that will allow you to sink deeper into a meditative state. If you are an over-thinker, like I am, these sounds can help to clear your mind from the constant thoughts that tend to creep up. Don't you sometimes want to tell your mind to shut up already?! (Or is that just me?) 😅

    Hand holding singing bowl

    26. A meditation cushion because being in a comfortable seated position is ~crucial~ to meditating. I'm so in love with the way the reviewer below created a zen patio with these. Can't you just see yourself atop one of those cushions, sipping on some hot green tea?

    Meditation pillows on patio

    27. A patio loveseat with beautiful wicker detail to relax on, whether it's in your home or on your balcony. This will be your new favorite place to enjoy your morning cup of coffee.

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.