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Who's The Best War Dog Of All Time: Stubby Or Smoky?

Stubby and Smoky were unbelievably heroic dogs, and, since it was just Veteran's Day, we decided to tally up their achievements to try and decide who is the Best War Dog of all time!!!!!!!!!

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She Saved Her Owner's Life By Telling Him To "Get Down!"

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And everyone else died! Then he started Calling her his "angel from a foxhole" because that's where he found her. A foxhole!

And She Helped Build a Key Allied Airfield by Threading a Wire Through a 70 Foot Long Pipe!

If little smoky hadn't done this, it would have taken three days of digging, exposing over 250 men and 40 planes to enemy attack.

Like Some Straight Up Dogmando

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Stubby Had The Best Sense of Smell

You wanna know how!? One time he almost died from a gas attack, and ever since then his nose got extra sensitive and he could smell it first and worn all the soilders before it was too late!!!

You know Norman, The Dog That Rides Around On a Scooter? Well Smoky Invented That Trick

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But His Trick Was a Big Hit With All The Soilders -- He Knew How To Salute!!!

It's actually how he got to stay in the army. His owner had smuggled him over and when all the other people in charge said Stubby had to go, his owner taught him how to salute and then everyone loved him because he was a dog that could SALUTE and he got to stay!!!

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