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    10 Lessons That 90's Boy Bands Taught Me About Love & Dating

    Ya'll make me wanna shoop!

    10. "Too Close" by Next

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    Lesson: Through the years I have learned to set personal boundaries. If someone is being too forward with you, tell them to step back! Ten years ago, I used to slap men for grabbing my ass on the dance floor. I don't recommend that but whatev's. Your perogative.

    "Step back you're dancing kinda close. I feel a little poke coming through, on you..." No, I do NOT want to say hello to your lil' friend.

    9. "When the Lights Go Out" by 5ive

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    Lesson: Some people truly just want to feel you up. If you're into that, go for it! If you're not, keep the lights on and go home.

    "I can get you off cos' I'm ready and equipped now..."

    Yeah, you're not. Just put your pants back on and calm down young blood.

    8. "Faded" by soulDecision

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    Lesson: Flattery is just another word for bullshit. Never be ok with that guy/gal that FINALLY decides they want you at 1:55 AM when the lights come on and the bar is closing.

    "Kind of faded but I feel alright. Thinkin' about making my move tonight."

    No, you're drunk. Go home.

    7. "Quit Playing Games" by Backstreet Boys

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    Lesson: Always listen to your intuition or gut instinct. You have an innate ability to know when something seems unbalanced or wrong. Don't doubt it, know it!

    "Even in my heart I see, you're not being true to me."

    The only acceptable games you can play with me are Life, Twister and strip poker.

    6. "Back Here" by BBMAK

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    Lesson: If someone hurts you never (EVER) go crawling back to them! Manipulation is not a game. Neither are hearts. Remember actions speak louder than words.

    "Are you thinking of me cause I'm thinking of you. And I wonder, are you ever coming back in my life." Uh, As if!

    5. "Tearin Up My Heart " by 'N Sync

    Lesson: Love is not easy. In fact it can be very challenging. If you feel miserable in your relationship it may be time to re-evaluate and say, "Bye, Bye, Bye."

    "It's tearin up my heart when I'm with you but when we are apart, I feel it too. And no matter what I do, I feel the pain with or without you."

    Life is too short. Next.

    4. "All or Nothing" by O Town

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    Lesson: Don't ever be ashamed if you want a relationship but the person you've been 'whatever-ing with' does not. Don't settle for that once a week, after 2 AM bullshit. All or nothing at all. (DROPS THE MIC!)

    "Cuz I want it all or nothing at all. There's nowhere left to fall, it's now or never...Is it all, or are we just friends." (DROPS THE MIC AGAIN)

    3. "As Long As You Love Me" by Backstreet Boys

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    Lesson: Backstreet Boys really do know love. In the end, it does not matter what we have or don't. We fall in love with people for how they make us feel. Love is love.

    "I don't care who you are, where you're from, what you did, as long as you love me." Unless you're serving life in prison...

    2. "MMMBOP" by Hanson

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    Lesson: Love is not easily definable and can make us speak in weird languages we never knew existed. Many times, no one will understand what we have but that's ok. We know and that is all that matters.

    "So hold on the ones who really care. In the end they'll be the only ones there..."

    Yeah, so mmmmbop!

    1. "I Swear" by All-4-One

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    Lesson: We all have our own journey and in the end you'll know when you meet the right one. And all the bullshit in between will be a funny story to re-tell when you're old and slightly senile.

    "I'll give you everything I can. I'll build your dreams with these two hands, we'll hang some memories on the wall and when just the two of us are there, you won't have to ask if I still care. Cause' as time turns the page, my love won't ever age at all."