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Taylor Swift Cakes

We all know that Taylor Swift is totes adorable, but for even more adorbz check out these nummy Taylor themed birthday cakes. Some are amazing, some are, um, creepy. But all of them are yummy. NOM NOM

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  • Taylor with stars, because she is one. (via)

  • Guitar, because she plays one. (via)

  • A life sized replica of Taylor's guitar. I don't think Taylor has her own picture on hers though. (via)

  • Cake drawing, yay. This one even has a copy of Taylor's autograph. (via)

  • Another guitar, this one with dental floss for strings (and another forged autograph). (via)

  • Yet another guitar, but this one is purple. (via)

  • Remember the creepy I mentioned? Here we are. (via)

  • And Finally...

    It's Taylor's very own 18th birthday cake. NOM NOM

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