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Taylor Lautner Cakes

The tween themed cake marathon continues ( see Pattinson, Bieber and Swift), today we're totes "Team Jacob" with yummy abs (and some hairy) filled Taylor Lautner cakes. NOM NOM

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  • We're starting off with the abs cake, admit it, it's why you're here.

  • Impressive nature cake, with bonus plasticy abs.

  • You thought we were done with abs cake? Fool.

  • Team Wolf cupcakes with a heart shape Jacob, because you love him.

  • More shirtless cake!

  • Wolf cake, or bear cake. It could go either way really.

  • Team Jacob cake, I think it's missing something. Abs?

  • I know what you're thinking, why is he wearing a shirt?

  • And Finally...

    Awesome 2 tier "Team Jacob" cake. Should have put some abs on top.

  • Many of these are from, the others I didn't note the source, apologies.

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