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9 Worst Moments To Ask Someone: "Are You Okay?"

I'd answer you but I'll be busy giving you the evil eye.

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1. Whilst Coughing

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It's like a slap in the face while they cough. Let them breathe first.

2. Immediately After a Bunch of Sneezes

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Again, let them breathe. We can't all be Bryan Cranston.

3. When Someone Bites Their Tongue, Or Worse Yet...

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4. After Sex

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5. Before Sex

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If someone wants you, but they aren't in the mood, let 'em chill without dumb questions. Space is sexy.

6. During Sex

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Mood killer. Ask a different way. Change tactics, or positions.

7. Whilst Typing Furiously

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They are making things happen. They're okay.

8. At the Altar

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It's okay. They're okay. You got this far. Everything is okay.

9. Whilst Giving Birth

Desilu, Paramount, & CBS / Via

Just breathe. And make sure she's breathing. You'll want to ask every couple of seconds. Don't.

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