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13 Times Your Night Out Is A Series Of Unfortunate Events

From the bad beginning of a night out to its end, The Baudelaires aren't the only ones who've been through a series of unfortunate events...

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1. The Bad Beginning

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When you get so drunk at Pre-drinks that you end up being escorted home by a sensible friend before even making it out because, let's face it, shots before midnight is never a good idea.

6. The Ersatz Elevator

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When you're in one of those clubs with a ridiculous amount of levels and miss a step on your way from the 80s to the RnB room, after confusing the function of an elevator with the function of stairs.

7. The Vile Village

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When you walk through town sober and witness a number of horrific sights and smells that you normally miss when drunk. From gross displays of affection to passed out people on the street, you are disgusted and appalled by everyone and everything.

10. The Slippery Slope

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When you go out for 'one' but one turns to two and two turns to three and three turns to a really good time so things just go down hill from there, until you find yourself staggering home in the early hours of the morning accidentally and unintentionally bladdered.

12. The Penultimate Peril

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When you force yourself to down some horrible shots but the struggle just doesn't end there. You go from moderately to excessively drunk, and have to try making it through the night without losing your friends, your wallet, your phone, your balance and most importantly of all, your dignity.

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