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From Worst To Best: 16 Types Of Customers All Waiting Staff Encounter

Some are great, others are not, but we'll always be nice to you because we want your tips!

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3. Unsatisfied customers

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Who hold their waiter responsible when their food is not up to their standards. What next will you blame us for? World War Two? Global Warming? Some things just aren’t our fault, and your unsatisfactory food that we did not cook is one of them.

4. Forgetful customers

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Why is it not okay for waiting staff to be slow when taking orders, but it is okay for some customers to be slow when we are standing over their head with a boiling plate for ages as they can't remember what the hell they ordered?!

5. Pestering customers

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They usually belong to big parties and like to remind you what they ordered when on your first trip to their table with food you do not have their meal. Being a waiter/waitress does not give you the magical ability to carry 8 plates at once and balance the rest on your head, so telling us you ordered a cheese burger when we clearly have a chicken burger in our hands is not remotely appreciated.

6. Date night customers

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They seem very often torn by contradictory desires of wanting to be served, but not wanting their date to be interrupted by the waiting staff asking them to explain their order.

7. The heart breakers

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Customers aren’t all bad. There are some that you can have a great connection with. Yet often this can lead to heart break and disappointment when after trying your best to be friendly, their number is not left on a scrunched up napkin on the table and what you thought might have been a love note was in fact the cardholder copy of the receipt they did not want.

8. Customers who tip the tiniest amount

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The economy is bad. You have no spare change. Our service was nothing special. We understand that leaving a generous tip is not always possible or even necessary. But throwing a few coppers on the table is an insult worse than no tip at all. We’re not that desperate.

9. Indecisive customers

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Customers are within their right to take as much time as they need when choosing what to eat. But what is annoying is when you say you are ready to order but actually are not ready to order, and spend another five minutes reading over the menu whilst we hover over your table trying to avoid making awkward eye contact.

11. Silent customers

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Usually women. We ask what you want to eat and you nod at your partner to do the explaining as though you didn’t win the vote over 100 years ago and have zero voice or opinion of your own.

13. Partying customers

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Then there are the customers who are eating out for a special occasion like a birthday meal, a stag do or a hen do. These are always great to serve as they are drunk and lively and treat you like you're their best friend for the night.

15. Complimentry customers / Via

They rave about the food, the drinks, the place, the menu, the great prices. They seem to think you were responsible for all of it. Of course if you were that important you wouldn't be serving them, but that doesn't mean you're not entitled to sit back and enjoy the praise.

16. Generous customers

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They leave a tip so much bigger than you were expecting that you think they've made a mistake and given you an extra note. Actually, they were just being generous, allowing you to go home feeling loaded for the night.

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