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    You Can Now Turn Your Instagram Posts Into A Coloring Book And It's Fucking Awesome

    2016: The year we all colored our lives. Literally.

    Color Me Book is a company that lets you create your own custom coloring book made from your favorite Instagram photos.

    "I personally love adult coloring books and have been using them for about a year now," Cory Will, Creator of Color Me Book, told BuzzFeed. "I thought it would be awesome to upload photos and make my own personalized adult coloring book. I was shocked I couldn't find it anywhere, so I reached out to a friend who runs a print shop in Los Angeles to see if he could make them for me. When I showed some friends, they wanted to order their own. So I decided to build a website to see what kind of response we would get."

    And it's really freaking easy. Just upload the photos you want, and BAM. It's your own Insta-coloring book.

    "The reaction so far has been incredible. We launched less than a week ago and have already received orders from the US, Australia, and the UK, bulk orders for events, and wholesale inquiries," Cory said.

    Color yourself in downward dog, or color that delicious Sunday brunch with your squad. If you 'grammed it, you can COLOR IT.

    You can personalize your own book for $25 and then begin COLORING YOUR HEART OUT.

    You can also choose from the pre-made coloring books for $15.