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    Updated on Apr 23, 2019. Posted on Sep 28, 2016

    21 Ingenious Pizza Hacks That’ll Make You Audibly Gasp

    You're gonna want to try this.

    1. Get more for your money:

    HACK: You get slightly more pizza to eat when you order two medium Dominos pizzas rather than one large pizza. Same price too. Shh dun tell!

    2. Buy a fresh pizza every time:

    life hack: tell little Caesars you want a half pep half cheese pizza to go and they bake it fresh no extra charge

    3. Live your best breadstick life:

    life hack - go to papa murphys - order bread sticks - ask for every kind of sauce on the side - bread stick dipping sauce party

    4. Reheat on the stove for perfect pizza every time:

    Legendary Lesson #5: reheating pizza in a pan, covered on low heat = crisp crust and melty cheese. #PizzaHack

    5. Make picky eater's lives a little easier:

    Life Hack: Remove unwanted pizza toppings from your frozen pizza before you bake it!

    6. Wait for your pizza in complete bliss:

    Life hack: Order dominos pizza. Change pizza tracker to Beach Theme. Enjoy the soundscape of waves and birds as you nap and wait for pizza.

    7. Never again fall victim to a pizza disaster in your car:

    Pizza hack. Set your pizza on the 2-liter. The cheese won't run. You are welcome.

    8. Get some SERIOUS extra flavor:

    Protip: You can ask Little Caesars to put the crust flavor stuff all over the whole pizza.

    9. Add your own vegan cheese:

    Vegan life hack: get a Papa Murphy's take and bake veggie pizza with no cheese and put your favorite vegan cheese on before you bake it 😊

    10. Use a salad bar for non-salad purposes:

    Life hack: take bacon bits from the salad section at the Pizza Hut buffet and put them on top of your pasta/pizza. Thank me later. 😎

    11. Gain crispy crust every time:

    Reheat your pizza better with this hack! #foodhack #musttry #lifecrusttip

    12. Cutting out carbs? Try a lighter option:

    Low-carb hack: put pizza toppings on a giant mushroom (use the mushroom as the crust). One of my favorite light meals.

    13. Potentially score some free goods:

    Protip: Show up at Papa Murphy's 5 minutes to close and you might score some free cheesy bread.

    14. Go all in for that extra cheese at no cost:

    Life Hack: Little Caesars cheese pizza gets extra cheese for free but you have to order it.

    15. Try this in lieu of tupperware:

    LIFE HACK: Transport your leftover dominos home from work by folding the box in half to make a pizza briefcase

    16. Get some free extra veggie toppings:

    Costco hack: dress your slice of cheese pizza with the onions from the onion dispenser to enhance your vegetarian pizza experience.

    17. Never experience pizza roll betrayal again:

    Life hack: eat the pizza rolls in the middle of the plate, so as to not burn the roof of your mouth.

    18. Attempt to score some major leftovers:

    Life Hack: go to CiCi's 30 min till close with a large group of people; they'll let you take all the pizza home that's left.

    19. Use a paper towel to prevent dryness:

    When reheating pizza in conventional oven, lay a wet paper towel over slices to keep pieces from drying out. #pizzahack #pizza

    20. Spice up your toppings with Hot Cheetos:

    lemme hit y'all with this life hack real quick: put flaming hot cheetos on your pizza

    21. And finally, never feel the cold isolation of loneliness ever again:

    Life Hack: No Tinder matches? Delete that app & download the Dominos app. Pizza's just as warm as the feeling of love but twice as delicious


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