24 Of The Most Wholesome Things That Happened This Decade

    Proof that this decade wasn't a complete and total dumpster fire.

    1. In 2011, this dog embraced its mom when she arrived home from Afghanistan with the purest, most loving welcome ever.

    2. In 2012, a stranger helped this person out after they accidentally left their window cracked during a storm.

    3. Again in 2012, a woman bought a couple with a newborn lunch out of the kindness of her heart.

    4. Also that year, this good golden boy was very affectionate toward his feline friend in the most wholesome way.

    5. In 2013, a Wendy's employee took an umbrella from the outdoor patio tables and helped a man stay dry on his walk to his car.

    6. Also in 2013, this adorable pug was feeling very overwhelmed at the idea of a birthday.

    7. In 2014, this cat leapt into the arms of her dad who arrived home from Afghanistan.

    8. Also in 2014, this ecstatic doggo made some delightful deer friends and was wildly happy about it.

    9. In 2015, @DaveEitzen tweeted this exceptionally pure moment on the job.

    A boy just ran up to the live truck and said "Can you report my smile?" Yes, we can Cameron @FOX29philly

    Twitter: @DaveEitzen

    10. Also in 2015, this father couldn't contain his pure and sweet excitement on his son's graduation day.

    Yall my dad has no chill about graduation :/

    11. In 2016, a little girl dressed up as a hot dog during princess week and made the entire internet say, "Wow, relatable."

    It was princess day at dance and one little girl came as a hot dog I have never admired someone more

    12. Also in 2016, @rnhanhart posted a video surprising her teacher with kitties after her cats had passed away.

    13. In 2017, this Tindr couple had an ongoing joke that lasted for YEARS before they finally met up IRL, and it was just really pure and sweet.

    14. Again in 2017, @SmithMahri tweeted about this incredibly wholesome bathroom meet-up and it warmed our cold, dead hearts.

    15. Also in 2017, it was reported by The Dodo that a shark repeatedly recognized a diver and happily greeted him every single time.

    16. In 2017, a teacher tweeted about a student in her class who sent the kindest note to another classmate.

    i work in a 5th grade class,one of my students wrote this for a girl & the other kids were making fun of him for it & i was just there cryin

    17. And again in 2017, @mackenna_newman tweeted about her dad keeping her mother company during her cancer radiation isolation.

    18. In 2018, a Very Good Boy got to have his school picture taken, and he looks over the freakin' moon about it.

    I’m a school photographer and we got to take a service dog’s picture for the yearbook today 😭😭😭

    19. Also in 2018, @Briannacry asked the internet for help finding her friend from a cruise, and the internet DELIVERED.

    20. This year, an entire kindergarten class showed up to their 5-year-old classmate's adoption ceremony, and it's one of the sweetest things we've ever seen.

    21. Also this year, a homeowner left out water and snacks for those making deliveries during the busy holiday season, and this worker's reaction is just too sweet.

    This lady leaves out drinks and snacks for delivery people during the festive period and I can't get over this amazon delivery drivers reaction

    22. Again this year, these neighborhood kids found a wallet laying out in the driveway and properly returned it.

    23. Also this year, a grandma gained the hair of her dreams and her reaction is just extremely pure.

    24. And finally, to end this decade, may we present you with the most wholesome dog of the year: