Try Not To Smile At These 20 Wholesome Things People Are Doing In Quarantine

    You need this today, trust me.

    1. These parents who are honestly having the best damn time together:

    My parents are losing it. I received an email from them with the title “rare gargantuan cardinal sighting” (one with a giant grey plume) - with these pictures. 50 years of marriage. 30 days of quarantine. #Covid_19 #oldbirds #marriagegoals

    2. This neighbor who is both talented and kind:

    My parents’ neighbor has apparently been making watercolor paintings of all the neighborhood dogs during quarantine and they did one of Riley and it is PRECIOUS

    3. These two who went out in FULL protective gear:

    4. The parents who threw their senior an extremely creative and wholesome prom night:

    My brother & sister-in-love threw a #prom2020 #quarantine for my niece. This was her Senior prom. They had a blast! 😀❤

    5. This dad who gave back to his duck friends:

    A family of ducks have nested in my parents’ backyard and my dad put in “ramps” to help the ducklings get out of the pool. They’re doing great in quarantine.

    6. This dad who decided to turn into Mr. Clean:

    Day 30 of quarantine: Dad turned into Mr. Clean

    7. This woman who walked around in her wedding dress because...why not?

    8. This dad who couldn't take his family to hibachi night, so he brought hibachi night to them:

    This father usually takes his son to a Hibachi restaurant to celebrate their birthdays but because of quarantine he had to get creative. And a Hibachi restaurant was born in his house. Dad goals 💪

    9. These parents who are making the best of things:

    Mom and Step-Dad celebrating their anniversary in quarantine

    10. This dad who sends very important updates:

    My dad sends me random updates about what the dog is doing during quarantine and it’s extremely wholesome

    11. This family who had a Lizzie McGuire Movie–themed dinner:

    12. This couple who still found a way to party on prom night:

    one day we will laugh about the prom we had in quarantine

    13. These parents who aren't even one bit tired of each other:

    my parents on the 6th friday in quarantine

    14. This family who is doing their best to keep themselves entertained:

    15. This neighbor who brought a little bit of joy to the neighborhood:

    16. This talented gentleman who performed different variations of The Office theme song:

    17. These parents who didn't let quarantine get in the way of celebrating their anniversary:

    Lol my parents are cute! Happy 5 years to them... quarantine edition ❤️

    18. This man who is describing our work from home experience:

    Today’s first @washingtonpost quarantine TikTok features a comparison

    19. This gentleman who didn't have a mask and improvised to keep everyone around him safe:

    20. And finally, these students who had a very memorable quarantine prom thanks to some cool celebs:

    Thank you for giving me daughter a prom! @kevinjonas @nickjonas @joejonas @johnkrasinski @somegoodnews @prom2020 @quarantineprom

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