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14 Times Kids Were Truly Too Good For This World

So. Pure.

1. The girl who took the time to write this thoughtful commentary:

2. The girl who was just too polite:

3. The boy who has some big aspirations:

4. The very pure child who passed this gift on:

5. The kids who are really looking out for each other:

6. This boy who had this extremely wholesome fishing interaction:

7. The child who thinks she's being sneaky:

8. The kid who really enjoys quality time:

9. The kid who is looking out for his dad:

10. The child who is too smart for their own good:

11. This very considerate boy:

12. This tiny human who tried their very best:

13. This kid who provided all the encouragement one could need:

14. And finally, these girls who are looking out for their garbage man:

H/T /r/KidsAreWholesome