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    Apr 27, 2020

    These 16 Wholesome And Silly Moments From People In Quarantine Are Just What You Need To See Today

    You need this today, trust me.

    1. This dad who invented a new game:

    2. This mom who is losing it just a little bit:

    Quarantine is really hitting my mom hard

    3. This husband who thought this would look way cooler than it actually did:

    4. This wholesome way to pass time:

    My daughter and her neighbor friend spend a lot of the day sitting 6 feet away from the sidewalk, shouting compliments out at strangers who walk by. It's the right mood for these times. Just overheard: "YOUR SHIRT MATCHES YOUR DOG AND I LIKE THAT ABOUT YOU!"

    5. These neighbors who showed a little act of kindness:

    6. This thoughtful birthday surprise:

    We organized a little four-car birthday parade for my mom and drove by her house to wish her a happy birthday. We haven’t seen her in a month. She cried. It was awesome. I highly recommend doing this for someone you love.

    7. This dad who got real creative:

    if anyones wondering how quarantine b going: my dad and i made a giant ravioli the size of my hand

    9. These cute parents:

    My parents are 75 and 84. My son & I do frequent drive-by visits to make sure they have what they need. Today, I guess they needed to party.

    10. These kids who threw a social distancing prom:


    The took away our prom so we made our own🤷‍♀️ ##prom ##morp ##socialdistancing ##ripstick

    ♬ original sound - _snow_soph_

    11. The person who did this for neighborhood squirrels:

    12. This family who had a ton of decorations and a lot of time thanks to quarantine:

    13. This fiancé who went above and beyond for his girl:

    My brother surprised his fiancé with a quarantine birthday dinner and I- 🥺

    14. This father and daughter who gave back in the best way:

    15. This incredible birthday surprise:

    Our sidewalk is lined with birthday messages for my son, from friends, to the mailman, to strangers out on a walk. Thanks for bringing a little joy to his bday. Happy Birthday, Max!

    16. And finally, this family who turned their entire house into a real-life game:


    A break from weaving to show you some of our quarantine obstacle course! 😂🌈##happyathome

    ♬ original sound - sunwoven

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