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    Before VSCO Girls, There Were 2010s Whimsical Tumblr Girls And You Were Probably One Of Them

    ~sTarS caN'T sHinE wiThOut daRknEss~

    1. If you were a whimsical Tumblr girl, you were obsessed with high-waisted skirts paired with belts:

    2. You also remember the rise of the popular owl necklace that everyone owned:

    Dangling owl necklace

    3. You'd log onto Tumblr to reblog powerfully deep quotes that really hit home for you:

    4. You also gave a "like" to other whimsical Tumblr girls who had the same dreamy aesthetic as you:

    5. You were rocking the cute Polaroid camera aesthetic before VSCO girls were even a thing:

    Polaroid camera on top of a magazine next to sandals

    6. You favorited tons of photos of daisies for some reason:

    Field of daises

    7. And were obsessed with taking the ~perfect~ picture of your cute shoes:

    8. Speaking of shoes, you probably owned boots similar to these:

    Boots with studs on them

    9. You'd queue up your ~early 2010s~ playlist while you scrolled through Tumblr, which 100% had at least one Two Door Cinema song on it:

    Two Door Cinema Club image

    10. And of course, you listened to "She Looks So Perfect" by 5SOS religiously.

    5 Seconds of Summer music video

    11. Also, "Do I Wanna Know?" by Arctic Monkeys was your Indie anthem:

    Arctic Monkeys image
    spandan-c137 / Via

    12. You were obsessed with pastel typewriters and wanted one even though they're super impractical:

    13. So you settled on pastel-ing out your electronics instead:

    14. You were in love with these ~incredible~ coffee edits:

    Glitter rising from a cup of coffee's steam

    15. And you reblogged tons of amazing nail art that you wanted to attempt on your own:

    Galaxy nail art

    16. You also saved adorable *hair inspo goals* to try and recreate yourself:

    Girl with a bun in her hair

    17. You favorited tons of Deathly Hallows tattoos as inspiration for when you went and got your own:

    Deathly hallows tattoo on girl's back

    18. If you were lucky enough to have a fancy camera, you took ~artsy~ photos with it in a mirror:

    19. You rocked a skater dress look paired with a thin belt:

    Selection of colorful skater dresses paired with shoes

    20. And you wondered how people pulled off cute outfits so effortlessly:

    Image of girl in yellow skirt and cardigan

    21. You were obsessed with Tumblr Starbucks aesthetics:

    Starbucks frappuccino

    22. You adored ~couple goals~ photos that made you believe in love:

    Girl and boy holding hands

    23. And you tried recreating your own "top down" photos with whimsical Tumblr girl accessories of your own:

    Top down photo of camera, journal, and sunglasses

    24. And finally, yes, you were all about the mustache trend:

    Girl wearing a mustache shirt