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Tell Us The Best Show You've Binged So Far This Year

We've all been bingeing, but what show REALLY shines?!

During quarantine, many of us took time to explore new shows on a variety of different streaming platforms. Now that we're halfway through 2020, you might have some opinions on what show was 1,000% worth watching, and we wanna hear about them!

Perhaps you got into Little Fires Everywhere and were blown away at how compelling it was.

Or maybe you started watching Normal People with low expectations but then ended up bingeing it all because it was so damn good.

Or maybe you thought you'd give Never Have I Ever a try and thought it was funny and heartfelt.

So, tell us! What show from the first half of 2020 was, in your opinion, the BEST and be sure to tell us WHY you think it’s the best. Tell us why in the comments below for a chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.