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    19 Hilariously Real Tweets That Summarize Your Obsession With Whataburger

    "My phone just autocorrected 'whatever' to 'Whataburger.'"

    1. When someone insists you have a problem:

    2. When you have to lay down the law with your priorities:

    3. And when you see this, you see #Goals:

    4. When all you want in life is to just lie in bed and eat Honey Butter Biscuits:

    5. When you get low-key emotional over getting your Monterey Melt.

    6. When someone asks about your relationship status:

    7. And when you end up at Whataburger instead of your original destination because why would you ever go anywhere else?

    8. When the 3 a.m. crowd hits:

    9. When you are fully committed to protecting the ones you love:

    10. When someone is just downright disrespectful:

    11. When autocorrect doesn't know your life:

    12. When you just can't keep your hands off your true love:

    13. When Whataburger slowly begins to infiltrate your life:

    14. And when you bring bae back to your bedroom:

    15. When you know yourself truly inside and out:

    16. When you can't deny your midnight cravings:

    17. When your Snapchat Story is filled with you and your BFF:

    18. And when you give bae all your love and affection:

    19. And finally, when you know what you *really* want: