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What Underappreciated Food Is Your State Known For?

You know, the dish that *should* get more credit than it does!

Every state has a food that it's *KNOWN* for, the food that tourists flock to eat when they visit because it's so damn delicious. But that leaves behind tons of food and dessert that's just as tasty, even though it's not popular.

For example, Massachusetts is known for clam chowder (among other things), but don't sleep on the lobster mac 'n' cheese!

Lobster mac 'n' cheese

And, sure, Texas has A+ barbecue, but we don't talk enough about Texas cowboy caviar!

Bowl of Texas Cowboy Caviar

New York may be known for pizza and bagels, but you're really missing out if you leave before trying their falafel!

Falafel wraps

Tell us: What food or dessert in your state is severely underappreciated? Leave a comment below and you could potentially be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!