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    21 Brilliant Wedding Ideas That Are Adorably Original And Incredibly Clever

    Make your day uniquely you.

    1. Save your dried bouquet flowers and memorialize them into gorgeous dice.

    Almost two years later, I cast my wedding flowers into dice! from weddingplanning

    2. Get creative with appetizer options post-ceremony, even if they aren't especially fancy.

    3. Athletic bridal party tracksuits are a great way to match if you prefer forgoing matching robes or pajamas.

    My winter wedding was too cold for getting ready robes. Went with Bridal Tracksuits! from weddingplanning

    4. Instead of putting your wedding cards in a box, create a statement piece as art.

    Framed a cut out from each of our wedding cards as a first anniversary “paper themed” gift! from weddingplanning

    5. Grandmothers are just as adorable as flower girls and will be a memorable part of the ceremony.

    Highly suggest having grandmothers as flower girls from wedding

    6. Add a little something extra in the inner lining of your dress to make it uniquely you.

    Thought my high-low dress was too plain, so I changed out the lining. Holy heck, thank goodness! from weddingplanning

    7. Order a replica of your wedding cake as a Christmas tree decoration.

    Got a miniature clay replica of my wedding cake for my Christmas tree! from wedding

    8. Get super creative with your wedding save-the-dates if you're into pop culture moments.

    I couldn’t find a Law & Order save the date, so I made my own! from weddingplanning

    9. Hire a wedding reception artist to paint your first dance.

    We hired a live wedding artist to come out and paint our first dance during the wedding reception. Best. Decision. Ever. from weddingplanning

    10. Create an antiqued look for centerpieces by taking thrifted glass and adding a dated touch.


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    ♬ Moon River - Wedding Music

    11. Instead of a cake, order customized wedding cookies that represent the two of you as a couple.

    My fiancé and I met because of a Bob's Burgers reference - these are the cookies we had made for our wedding this weekend! from wedding

    12. Flowers don't have to be super fancy to look beautiful.

    $195 Wedding Flowers from Whole Foods, we did good! from wedding

    13. Press your wedding bouquet into a glass frame and hang it as art.

    MoH here! My best friend recently got married so I saved and pressed her bouquet and made this arrangement for her from weddingplanning

    14. It's worth an incredibly fun moment (and memento!) to have a photo of you jumping in the ocean or a pool.

    We didn't necessarily intend on trashing the dress, but the ocean had other plans from wedding

    15. Save money by creating your own minimalistic table settings.


    $3.50 Kmart hack check #weddinghack #creative #fyp #getcrafty

    ♬ Rasputin - Groove Connection

    16. Forgo flowers altogether and have a fake bouquet instead.

    Finished this sunflower bouquet for a friend 🌻 All flowers are made of felt so it can be kept as an heirloom piece from wedding

    17. Take a before-and-after photo for *memories.*

    We survived! Our before and after wedding pictures, it was a blast. from wedding

    18. Book an untraditional venue where you can have a great time together, like this arcade.

    Highly recommend getting married at an arcade. from wedding

    19. Make your own wedding invitations with Canva and save a ton of money doing so.


    yeah my wedding planning phase hasn’t passed yet 🥸 #weddingplanner #wedding #moneyhacks #bride #canvashacks #canva #weddingplanning

    ♬ when she loved me cover by katelyn lapid - LYN

    20. Don't feel pressed about having to pick wedding colors. The flowers will look stunning no matter what!

    Couldn’t decide on wedding colors so we said “ALL OF THEM!” Our florist nailed it. from weddingplanning

    21. And finally, create an advice and well-wishes note for everyone at your wedding so you can have a box of thoughtful memories to go through afterward.

    Solid marriage advice from a 10 year old from wedding