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21 Magical Wedding Dresses Harry Potter Fans Will Adore

Make it a ~magical~ event.

1. This gorgeous emerald gown is a good way to show off your house colors.

2. Or you could try this flawlessly beaded Elie Saab gown.

3. Maybe something less traditional is more your style?

4. You could always try out this romantic long-sleeved number.

5. And there's this wicked, black and green statement gown.

6. This stunning emerald Elie Saab masterpiece is sure to have all heads turned.

7. This elegantly ruffled wedding gown is a bold way to show off Gryffindor house colors.

8. Or maybe this beautifully detailed Valentino number is more your style.

9. Channel your inner Hermione with this incredible, ruffled gown.

10. Or you can try this soft, romantic Vera Wang dress.

From the spring 2013 collection.

11. This graceful, red and gold Marchesa gown is sure to bring a little ~magic~ to your evening.

12. Show off your Ravenclaw colors with this elegantly-styled bodice gown.

13. Or make it an enchanted event with this Cho Chang-inspired masterpiece.

14. Go for a softer look with this stunning, sweetheart wedding dress.

15. Or keep it smart and simple by wearing this romantic number.

16. Maybe this sophisticated beauty is the gown of your dreams.

17. This gorgeous Oscar de la Renta gown is a bold way to show off your Hufflepuff colors.

18. Or perhaps a more delicate, timeless piece is more your style.

19. Try out an elegant black and yellow look with this gorgeous design.

20. This vintage-style, embroidered number is a classy way to go.

21. And there's always this flowy, lacy gown that'll make everyone believe in the magic of love.