We Drank And Tried Out 4 Different Hangover Cures, Here's Which Ones Worked Best

    We tried 'em out so you don't have to.

    Hello, everyone, we are Farrah and Chris and we like drinking. Like pretty much anyone on this good Earth, we also don't like hangovers. So when we discovered there were a lot of products being marketed as hangover "cures," we decided to try them out to see how well they worked.

    After doing a little bit of research, we found four different hangover brands that promise to help you out after a night of drinking. We tried each of them then — instead of stars — we rated them out of wine glasses with one being the lowest and five being the highest.

    Zero Hour Detox

    Thoughts on Zero Hour Detox:

    Farrah: I'm pretty sure this works??? Since it's in pill form, you have to remember to take one after every two drinks. I'm not sure how many people will remember do to that, especially if you're having a REALLY good time. However, I followed directions and made sure I did it right. Once you get home, you're supposed to take three before bed, which I also did. It seems like a lot of capsules if you have more than two drinks, but I woke up feeling completely fine and full of energy, whereas I'd normally be soooo sluggish.

    Chris: I definitely put these pills to the test because not only did I have multiple drinks, but they were a mixture of cocktails (whiskey and vodka, respectively) and champagne. What’s interesting about these pills is that you have to take them every couple drinks (luckily I remembered to do that) and because I washed them down with water, I feel like I went to bed really hydrated, which probably also contributed to waking without a hangover. Still, I don’t think water alone would’ve done the trick, so I’m a fan of the Zero Hour Detox, and the only nitpick is that you have to remember to take it between drinks.

    Shot X

    Thoughts on Shot X:

    Farrah: I'm 50/50 on this "cure." I drank the bottle in its entirety after a night of drinking, but I woke up at 9 a.m. with a headache. I popped two ibuprofens and slept for two more hours, then woke up feeling perfectly fine. So fine, in fact, that I worked out! I'm not sure if it was the shot or the ibuprofen, but something did work.

    Chris: I was worried this orange drink might taste worse than a hangover feels, but I was pleasantly surprised by how smoothly it went down! After drinking throughout the night, I took Shot X along with some water and woke up feeling pretty good! I’d had some sugary drinks the night before which almost ALWAYS leads to me having a hangover, but I woke feeling decent and once I got some breakfast, I was as good as new. I like how solid and simple this is, only requiring you to throw it back before bed.


    Thoughts on Flyby:

    Farrah: I wasn't expecting much from this since it's mostly B12, but I took it after a night out with friends when I was certain I'd be hungover. I also was sure to drink a ton of water. Miraculously, I woke up with no hangover. So based on that alone, I'm going to go ahead and say it works.

    Chris: I tried Flyby on a night when I'd strictly drank beer, and it really came through for me! I woke up with no hangover and had enough energy to go to the gym, which isn't always something I do after a night out. Again, I drank water with these pills, which probably didn't hurt the results either, but they certainly deserve credit for allowing me to wake up with no headache or nausea.

    CBD Tox

    Thoughts on CBD Tox:

    Farrah: The directions for this said to take it when you wake up after a night of drinking. So...take it when you're already hungover?! I wasn't looking forward to doing that, but I tried it anyway — chasing it down with a TON of water. It definitely did not get rid of the headache I had and after waiting to see if anything would happen, I took ibuprofen and slept for an hour. Overall, wasn't a fan and wouldn't try it again.

    Chris: After a night of moderate drinking, I tried CBD Tox and woke up feeling nothing from a hangover. In fact, my poor food choices from the night before were the only lingering feelings the next day, but there wasn’t a headache or nausea and for that I’m grateful. I’d definitely like to test this again, particularly on a night when I’ve had more to drink!

    Overall, our favorites ended up being the "cures" that came in pill form. Even though Zero Hour Detox required you to remember to take a pill after every two drinks, it proved in the end that it DID work. Flyby was a little easier since we only had to take the pills before and after drinking, and it ended up working just as well. BUT! Every body is different, so it's worth trying out different products if you really want to prevent those nasty hangovers.