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We Tried To Make Copycat Recipes Of Popular Chain Restaurant Foods And They Were Pretty Legit

From In-N-Out to Shake Shack!

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Hey y'all! We're Farrah and Chris, and WE LOVE EATING. Unfortunately, there are some pretty popular places we enjoy that aren't available in all regions of the United States. So we decided to try re-creating these dishes ourselves to see if they taste exactly like the real thing!


For this little experiment, we chose items from In-N-Out, Whataburger, Shake Shack, Culver's, and Texas Roadhouse. While all five are insanely delicious, you sometimes have to travel REALLY, REALLY far to satisfy that craving in person. Here's how re-creating these recipes went!

To make this, we tried out Dinner, then Dessert's Copycat Animal Style recipe, and we were SUPER impressed.


At this point we were pretty impressed, because the texture of the fries looked a lot like In-N-Out's. We then mixed together the ingredients for the Animal Style sauce, covered the fries in American cheese and onions, and then slathered the mix on top.

Chris's thoughts: I was pleasantly surprised by the look and, more importantly, the taste of these fries — they’re super close to the real thing! Also, when I’ve ordered Animal Style fries to go in the past, sometimes they'd get excessively soggy on the drive home, so it was satisfying to have a replica of them in their freshest form!

Farrah's thoughts: I INHALED my plate after we finished making it because, in my opinion, this tasted almost exactly like the real thing. AND we didn't have to wait in a massive line to get it!


Once the rolls were ready, we slathered on that sweet, sweet butter and had a taste!

Farrah Penn / BuzzFeed

Chris's thoughts: This was a really good version of cinnamon honey butter, but it wasn’t quite as fluffy and smooth as Texas Roadhouse’s. That being said, it’s a very solid option when the nearest Texas Roadhouse is hundreds of miles away. And let's be real, ultimately we're talking about fresh, warm bread and sweet butter, so it's never going to disappoint.

Farrah's thoughts: I feel like this recipe is *really* close to the real thing, but the consistency didn't quite match Texas Roadhouse's recipe. However, it IS an excellent substitute if you're really craving it. And it's really easy to make!


The frying part was a little trickier. While some of the batter stayed coated over the curd, a lot of it slid off while frying in the hot oil. We're thinking Culver's makes their own in a deep fryer, which is how they keep a more round shape, but oh well!

The end result was still pretty delicious, even if it wasn't EXACTLY like the real thing.

Farrah Penn / BuzzFeed

Chris's thoughts: I’m still not sure what we did wrong, but these weren’t anything like Culver’s fried curds. On the bright side, they were a really delicious mistake! They tasted like miniature grilled cheese pancakes, which probably aren’t a thing, but definitely should be.

Farrah's thoughts: THESE WERE DELICIOUS. I mean, it's basically just fried cheese, so it's hard to mess that up. While it didn't look EXACTLY like Culver's fried curds (ours were more flat than round), they still tasted amazing.

We used the official Shake Shack Chocolate Shake recipe provided by, and it wasn't QUITE like the real thing.

We noticed a few issues right away: 1) The consistency didn't match Shake Shack's shake consistency. 2) IT TASTED VERY STRONGLY OF HERSHEY'S CHOCOLATE...which is obviously because we used that brand of unsweetened cocoa, but still. 3) The coloring was way darker than the original.

Farrah Penn / BuzzFeed

Chris's thoughts: While our shake was tasty in its own way, it was thicker, and more aggressively chocolatey than Shake Shack’s. It tasted like someone melted a Hershey’s bar into a Wendy’s Frosty, which is great — it’s just not the taste we were trying to re-create here. If you’re craving a chocolate shake, you might be better off saving the time it takes to prepare custard and just blending some high-quality ice cream with milk.

Farrah's thoughts: OK, this tasted nothing like Shake Shack's chocolate shake, but it wasn't BAD. It was very rich and sweet and I felt accomplished because I've never made custard in my life, but it wasn't worth the long process to make something that doesn't exactly taste like a copycat recipe!

And honestly, for making it ourselves, it looked pretty damn close to the real thing!

Farrah Penn / BuzzFeed

Chris's thoughts: My expectations were exceeded on this one! The chicken strips turned out great and combined with the cheese and BBQ sauce to create a filling, on-point imitation of the honey BBQ chicken strip sandwich. Frying the chicken strips may be a little bit of work to some, but the juice is definitely worth the squeeze. If you’re struggling with not having a Whataburger near where you live, I recommend giving this a shot!

Farrah's thoughts: Wowow. This was incredible. The chicken strips came out better than I expected, and savory and hearty flavors came together to make a sandwich that's so close to the real thing. I'm so sad there's not a Whataburger in Los Angeles, but man, it's good to know we're capable of re-creating it if we get a hankering.

While all of these were enjoyable, we'd definitely make the In-N-Out Animal Fries and Whataburger's Honey BBQ Sandwich again, but the Shake Shack Shack and Culver's cheese curds were too many steps for not exactly an identical payoff!