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    I Actually Laughed Out Loud At These 18 Voice-To-Text Mistakes, So Please Enjoy

    "Are you and your big balls having a good day?"

    1. The person who was accidentally hilarious:

    whereiswalker / Via

    2. The mom who did not mean to get aggressive:

    jpyeadat / Via

    3. The person who created a very interesting term of endearment:

    4. The person who meant "awkward" and not "rock hard":

    399allday / Via

    5. The person who definitely meant to write "headband" instead of "big man":

    katyop / Via

    6. The person who really, really tried for "ketchup":

    kaypoc / Via

    7. The husband who definitely isn't looking for a mistress:

    notsocasualobserver / Via

    8. The person who 100% wasn't referring to pooping in the car:

    lurkage / Via

    9. The person who tried and failed to say their babysitter’s name:

    10. The person who really escalated the conversation:

    mjanquart / Via

    11. The person who was overcome with sudden road rage:

    12. The person who did not mean "genital sows" when talking about Chinese food:

    lone_violet / Via

    13. The person who was listening to a true crime podcast and it showed:

    layfattecomedy / Via

    14. The dad who was seriously confused:

    dadcaptain / Via

    15. This person who definitely meant somewhere different:

    ahebert04 / Via

    16. The mom who wasn't going to put up with any nonsense:

    jason_mf_thompson / Via

    17. The person who made this stinky mistake:

    doglovrinsc / Via

    18. And finally, the son who caught his hilarious error early on:

    samgurnick / Via

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