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    A Man Visiting His Wife With Alzheimer's Went Viral And It's The Saddest Thing Ever

    "I hope this video has helped people to better understand why it is so important to follow the social distancing rules that have been put into place."

    A few days ago, Alicia Barber posted this tender TikTok of her grandfather, who went to visit his wife in her memory care center during the coronavirus quarantine. He was only allowed to speak to her outside of her window, as outside visitors are not currently allowed inside, and her response was heartbreaking.

    Currently, more than 3 million people have viewed Alicia's video of her grandfather.

    This love is just so incredibly pure, so if you've found yourself tearing up, you're not alone. BuzzFeed spoke to Alicia and her grandfather, Bob, who both revealed more details about the visitation experience.

    "Bob and Lauren (my grandmother) will be married 62 years this coming August," Alicia told BuzzFeed.

    Courtesy of Alicia Barber

    "My grandmother has been in the memory care center for almost a year now. It was an extremely difficult decision, but her needs surpassed the care that my family could provide," Alicia continued. "Before the COVID-19 outbreak, my grandfather would visit my grandmother every single day. He would eat dinner with her and the other residents. At the end of the night, he would help her change and get into bed. My grandmother is always happy to see him when he visits. He is really the only person who she continues to remember each day."

    Courtesy of Alicia Barber

    "My grandfather has continued to visit and chat with her through the window (at a safe distance), and she hasn’t always been as upset as she was in the video," Alicia stated. "We have been able to video chat with her a few times with the help of some of the aides who take care of her. She is definitely sad since my family is not able to be there."

    Alicia also told BuzzFeed that there is no current date when visitors will be allowed in again.

    When asked about love and relationship advice, Bob said, "always have fun together...even when faced with obstacles like financial hardships."

    Courtesy of Alicia Barber

    When asked about the virality of her TikTok, Alicia said, "I have been overwhelmed by the immense response this video has received! Their love story is really one for the ages, and I am glad that so many people have been able to get a glimpse of it. My grandfather is the most loyal and loving man that I know. These have been challenging times, but I hope this video has helped people to better understand why it is so important to follow the social distancing rules that have been put into place — to protect those most vulnerable."

    Courtesy of Alicia Barber

    "My grandfather is happy that the response has been so positive. While he has been bored at home and misses my grandmother, he understands the decision and wants everyone to be safe during this time."

    Courtesy of Alicia Barber

    So, please, if you are able to...stay home. For yourself, for others, and especially for Bob and Lauren!

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