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    22 Pure And Perfect Pups That Will Make You Say, “DOGS ARE THE GREATEST”

    They are too pure.

    1. This judgmental pooch:

    I was trying to improve the mood in my house by cooking breakfast for dinner but I burnt the pancakes and everyone was disappointed in me especially my dog

    2. This hound who is just over it:

    me after the smallest inconvenience

    3. This grateful furball:

    4. This very silly boy:

    5. This surprised canine:

    6. This smoll, excited child:

    I'd like yall to pray for my homie charlie, nothing wrong with him.. he just really loves bagels lmao

    7. This contemplative lab:

    [talking over other sportscasters] now we could go back and forth about the teams all day bob, but what it really comes down to is: are they throwing the ball or are they pretending to throw the ball

    8. This fancy traveler:

    I’m late to work cuz I followed this dog for 3 blocks in the wrong direction

    9. This confused goober:

    10. This cheerful cotton ball:

    11. This trendy pooch:

    12. This very satisfied pupper:

    13. This responsible doggo and his bud:

    Doggo is taking his friend Alpaca for a walk.

    14. This funny bread head:

    15. This adorable friendship:

    16. This sleepy girl:

    17. This doggo who decided to make his television debut during the weather forecast:

    18. This good, confused boy:

    You howl all you want Charleston, honey

    19. This talented canine:

    20. This little hugging expert:

    21. This dog, who has a nearly identical twin toy:

    22. And this doggo, who wants to make sure you have a lovely day.

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