24 Trader Joe's Recipes That You Can Make If You're Bored With Your Usual Dinners

    These recipes have you covered if you're tired of making the same thing!

    If you've hit a wall with what to cook because you're bored with everything you've been making during quarantine, I've got some good news. These recipe accounts will spark some inspo for refreshingly tasty meals that just require one stop at Trader Joe's. And they're all pretty simple to make!

    1. These avocado and ahi appetizers that require absolutely no cooking at all:

    2. This summery sweet corn, burrata, and basil ravioli with a twist of fruit:

    3. This filling and delicious sweet and sour chicken–inspired dish that's loaded with veggies:

    4. These impeccable chile lime fish tacos with pineapple salsa that look so light and tasty:

    5. These everything bagel drop biscuits that are vegan and gluten-free:

    6. This summer season watermelon salad with feta, basil, and glaze — which is a personal fave of mine:

    7. This easy to throw together poke bowl that uses the new ahi tuna and fresh avocado:

    8. These simple roasted vegetables with a twist of chili onion crunch topping:

    9. This decadent meat and cheese plate for when you don't feel like cooking at all — and don't sleep on that blueberry goat cheese:

    10. This nutrient-packed salad featuring their seasonal halloumi cheese:

    11. This yummy tofu bowl served with a soft-boiled egg and scallions:

    12. This savory breakfast that uses hash browns and eggs to make one delicious-looking meal:

    13. This arugula, lemon, and parm salad if you feel like keeping things light:

    14. These super simple tofu pesto bites:

    15. This salmon bowl that'll help spice things up if you're wanting to eat a little cleaner:

    16. These amazing tofu tacos:

    17. This pad Thai–inspired pasta salad that's easy to throw together:

    18. These melon and prosciutto apps for when you don't want to turn on the oven:

    19. These scallion pancakes paired with chili onion crunch topping:

    20. These low-carb mozzarella pizzas:

    21. This beautiful breakfast bowl loaded with fruit:

    22. These simple seasoned Brussels sprouts that make a perfect side dish:

    23. This incredible glazed salmon that makes me want to drool:

    24. And finally, this tomato soup with chickpeas paired with a pesto grilled cheese that's perfect for the fall: