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    20 Tumblr Posts About "Harry Potter" That Are So Savage It's Hilarious

    "There is the ghost of a murdered child in the bathroom and everyone treats it like a minor inconvenience."

    1. When they brought up this good point:

    2. When they captured this phrase perfectly:

    3. When they got real about Harry's spell knowledge:

    4. When they remembered Hogwarts students are teenagers:

    5. When they pointed out this logic:

    6. When they realized Harry was the only one who looked concerned:

    7. When they went hard on the promo photos:

    8. When they wrote off Moaning Myrtle:

    9. When they really felt for Neville:

    10. When they caught onto Dumbledore's logic:

    11. When they summarized the entire series:

    12. When they nailed Harry's personality in Trelawney's class:

    13. When they pointed out how Harry fights back:

    14. When they had a good point about Harry's future:

    15. When they were quick to showcase Harry's thought process:

    16. When they went in on Voldemort:

    17. When they accurately described Draco:

    18. When they nailed Fred and George's personalities:

    19. When they took this spelling error to hilarious lengths:

    20. And finally, when they got everything about this right:

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