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    24 Behind-The-Scenes "Game Of Thrones" Photos From The Cast That Will Make You Laugh And Then Cry

    We're sure going to miss this talent sharing one screen!

    1. When Maisie was quick to point out her fantastic manicure:

    2. When Pilou posted this gem without any context:

    3. When Emilia tried to warn us all what was to come:

    4. When Hafþór took some intimidating looking selfies with his girlfriend:

    5. When Jacob posted this hilarious tribute for Nathalie:

    I know it hurts. But Somewhere in the multiverse 👑🌞🌴 @missnemmanuel 🙌🏽

    6. When Kristofer and Gwendoline were literally singing in the rain on set:

    7. When Lena posted this “getting ready to shoot” photo with Nikolaj

    8. And when Nikolaj had some very sweet things to say about Lena despite their silly photo together:

    9. When Maisie posted this funny video of Sophie after THE BIG THING THAT HAPPENED IN EPISODE 3:

    10. When Gwendoline and Kit had the best faces to capture the emotions of the final episode:

    11. When Kristofer celebrated 3 million followers by posting a bloody battle selfie:

    12. When Daniel found some peace and quiet in his costume:

    13. When Vladimír captured a badass fight scene rehearsal:

    14. When Gemma had some truly sweet things to say about Alfie:

    15. And when Pilou made sure everyone knew all the hard work that went into filming long battle scenes:

    16. When Kristofer was just goofing around on set with Rory:

    17. When Lena captured the ~glamor~ that happens behind-the-scenes when you're waiting to film:

    18. And when Carice caught some of the talent napping in between takes:

    19. When Lena was adorable about her final scene with Nathalie:

    20. And when Pilou had some hilarious things to say about his time with Nikolaj:

    21. When Sophie was super sincere about all of her memories from the show:

    22. When Jacob posted photos from his first day versus his last day on set:

    23. When John gave us the ultimate throwback by showing us his very first rehearsal schedule from 2010:

    24. And finally, when Emilia was too funny about The Coffee Cup Scandal™:

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