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    Posted on Jun 5, 2016

    17 Times Bob Kelso Made You Say "Me As An Adult”

    "I was thinking about food and accidentally wandered over here."

    1. When he became the master at avoiding people who annoyed him.

    2. When eating was the most important thing on his mind...

    3. ...and he wasn't afraid to own up to it.

    4. When he wasn't afraid to let you know his likes and dislikes.

    5. When he openly talked about his philosophy on the human race.

    6. When he wanted to aggressively enjoy the finer things in life.

    7. When he truly and unabashedly didn't give any fucks.


    8. And he was never afraid to admit it, TBH.

    9. Like, ever.

    10. When he laughed at his own jokes.


    11. And when he was sweetly sarcastic to an intern.

    12. When he set goals for himself.

    13. When he took the time to empathize with others.


    14. When he truly almost ran out of craps to give.

    15. When his sarcasm knew no bounds.

    16. When he took the time to produce true nuggets of wisdom...


    17. ...because deep down, Bob Kelso was ~actually~ someone we all looked up to.

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