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    13 Times Alex Russo From “Wizards Of Waverly Place” Literally Gave No Fucks

    "I don't run."

    1. When she accurately described trying to be an adult:

    2. When she aimed high and reached for her dreams:

    3. When she described your relationship with snacks:

    4. When she truly didn't give a shit about school functions:

    5. When she summed up her feelings about high school:

    6. When she had a bright outlook for her future:

    7. When she perfectly described the best type of party:

    8. When she was honest about who she is as a person:

    9. When she provided this A+ excuse:

    10. When she spoke the truth about holidays:

    11. When she knew if she tried hard enough, she WOULD succeed:

    12. When she messed with her brother for fun:

    13. And finally, when she wasn't afraid to say what we're all really thinking: