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A New York Real Estate Agent Showed "The Worst Apartment" In NYC, And People's Jaws Are On The Floor

"So basically, you get a closet."

Ah, New York City! A city of dreamers and endless opportunities! It does, however, take a certain kind of strong-willed person to live there, which might be why a TikTok from @newyorkcityrealtor went mega-viral recently when he showed us a tour of the "worst apartment" in the West Village.

We start off by learning that this particular apartment is in the "most desired neighborhood" of New York — the West Village is part of Greenwich Village, which is in Manhattan. For a studio, it's $1,650 a month and all you this very small room.

As we turn around, we can see just how small this space really is: there's no stove or oven and no freezer, but you do get this mini-fridge that will remind you of your college dorm days.

The only other thing in this apartment is a very minuscule closet.

If you're like me, you might be wondering: where the heck is the bathroom?! There's a whole separate TikTok dedicated to JUST the bathroom/shower situation...and it doesn't seem like a good time. It's first explained that you'll need a KEY to access the bathroom because it's shared by the entire complex.

When the door to the bathroom opens, we see a teeny tiny room with just enough space for a toilet. The door *barely* grazes the porcelain throne.

But where's the shower? Oh, it's across the hall in a different room. And — you guessed it — it's also super small.

On the other side of the shower is a rack where you can keep soap, shampoo, and conditioner.

The first TikTok showcasing the apartment now has over 20 million views with thousands of shocked commenters. To stay up to date on New York TikTok, you can follow @newyorkcityrealtor for more NYC apartment tours.

We all know New York City is a beautiful city, but would you live here to take advantage of being in the most desired neighborhood?