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Jeeps Apparently All Have "Easter Eggs" Hidden Somewhere On The Vehicle And People Are Pointing Theirs Out

Consider this your interesting fact of the day.

Today on TikTok, I learned that Jeeps have "Easter eggs" — a hidden object or image — somewhere on the vehicle. Why? I don't know! Does it matter? No, because it's fun!

If you own a Jeep & you see me touching it & looking at it, don’t be alarmed! I’m simply looking for the Easter egg that Tik Tok told me all Jeeps have

TikTok user @jackiefoster40 started this trend when he found an itsy bitsy spider by his fueling tank, and since then, others have been reusing his sound and showing off theirs!


🕷JEEP WAS REALING TRYING TO GET ME.🕷🤦🏼😂 ##fyp ##jeepsoftiktok ##spider

♬ original sound - jackiefoster40

"Ciao baby!" —Easter egg Jeep spider.

Another TikTok user @katepetersonn found a little lizard by her windshield:

He's kinda cute, right?

User found multiple Easter eggs on hers, including a tiny...ape?! on her back window:

i never realized these were easter eggs😳 ##fyp ##jeeprenegade

♬ original sound - jackiefoster40

The posture of this creature has me thinking it is some kind of primate, but what do you think?!

Finally, user @micaelaaaraeee found the world's tiniest pair of flip-flops on her Jeep:

Can you spot 'em?

Anyway, consider this a fun fact you've learned today. And if you own a Jeep, tell us your Easter eggs in the comments below!