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    16 Times The Internet Truly Captured The Essence Of "Tiger King" On Tumblr

    "In like two months, you can probably convince me that Tiger King was a mass hallucination."

    1. When they specifically captured your very first and your very last thoughts:

    2. When they were thinking of a really engaging pitch:

    3. When they really summed it up perfectly:

    4. When they brought up a fair point:

    5. When they pointed out that the show's editors deserved all the awards:

    6. When they really just *got* it:

    7. When they pointed out how bonkers it all is:

    8. When they made this comparison:

    9. When they really nailed all of our reactions:

    10. When they acknowledged some really interesting moments:

    11. When they put two and two together:

    12. When they truly nailed this:

    13. When they made this valid point:

    14. When they made this truthful observation:

    15. When they made this A+ joke:

    16. And finally, everything about this: