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Sep 26, 2019

17 Extremely Random Things You Probably Didn't Know Before Now

Maybe you knew, maybe you didn't.

1. A "butt-load" is an actual unit of measurement.

2. The Tostitos logo is two people sharing a chip and salsa.

_sweetestcinn_ / Via

3. The little gas tank on your car's dashboard has an arrow that tells you what side it's on.

dami529 / Via

4. The color magenta doesn't have a specific wavelength on the light spectrum.

i was today’s years old when i found out magenta doesn’t exist 😐

5. Your shopping cart may hold more bags than you think.

lozzy_roe / Via

6. The home icon for Twitter is a birdhouse.

7. You can spot an invisible "8" in the middle of the eight of diamonds.

arch_bish0p_of_b4nterbury / Via

8. Premade cookie dough can be cooked in the microwave.

I was today years old when I discovered you could put pre-made cookie dough in the microwave to make just one cookie

9. You can tell if a cranberry is ripe by bouncing it.

10. This is actually the proper way to wear earbuds.

11. The grooves in your freezer can be used to vertically align your meat trays to save room.

swansonsmeal2 / Via

12. You can store extra staples at the bottom of your stapler.

themummybird / Via

13. The word "swims" looks exactly the same upside-down.

14. You will never be able to see 12 dots at once with this pattern.

15. The alphabet does indeed have a familiar tune.

16. You can avoid breaking your nails by using a staple remover to unhook your keys.

shell_ontheroad / Via

17. And finally, this bit of knowledge:

afreen_ji / PBS / Via

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