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19 Cold Treats You’ll Wanna Try To Survive A Texas Summer

~Cool for the summer~

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1. The Insane Sundaes at Vivo53.
VIVO 53 Fort Worth

Located in Fort Worth, TX.

2. These refreshing popsicles at Steel City Pops.

Located in Austin, Casa Linda, Dallas, Fort Worth, Garland, TCU, and Houston, TX. (Also in Kentucky and Alabama!)

3. These cool concoctions at Moojo.

Located in Austin, TX.

4. The delicious shaved ice at Bahama Bucks.

Located in Dallas, San Antonio, Houston and many more.

5. These creamy cones at Milwaukee Joes.

Located in Colleyville and Southlake, TX.

6. This amazing bubble tea from Fat Straws.

Located in Plano and Dallas, TX.

7. These refreshing treats at Tampico Refresqueria.

Located in Houston, TX.

8. These gourmet shaved ice creations at Nu Cafe.

Located in Houston, TX.

9. The frozen lemonade at Burger Street.

Located in Dallas, Fort Worth, and more.

10. This fun froyo at Berry Austin.

Located in Austin, TX.

11. These indulgent shakes from Grub Burger Bar.

Located in Houston, College Station, Dallas, Midland, and more.

12. These scrumptious cones from Lick Honest.

Located in Austin and San Antonio, TX.

13. These sweet treats from Good Pops.

Located in multiple Whole Foods and H-E-B stores in Texas.

14. These unique snow cones at Margo's Corner.

Located in Weslaco, TX.

15. These delectable ice cream sandwiches from Smoosh Cookies.

Located in Houston, TX.

16. This sweet, sweet ice cream from Amy's.

Located in Austin, Houston, and San Antonio, TX.

17. These delicious cones from Brindles Awesome Ice Creams.

Located in San Antonio, TX.

18. These icy treats at SA Pops.

Located in San Antonio, TX.

19. This gelato at Dolce Neve.

Located in Austin, TX.

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