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    8 Things You Should Avoid Doing To Your Delivery Driver, And 8 Ways To Spread Kindness

    Just be kind, okay?

    1. Don't threaten your delivery drivers:

    My second delivery ever as a postmates driver and I’ve already been threatened. Wtf is wrong with people!!

    2. DO go the extra mile if you're able to:

    I tipped both my mail lady and my delivery driver $100 a piece just a big thank you for still working during this pandemic ❤️ I really appreciate them. The mail lady for still bring my mail and packages! And the delivery driver who drove my groceries to me! They deserve more!!

    3. Don't yell at your delivery drivers:

    No sorry I work for a delivery company and the ABUSE I’m getting over the phone from people waiting for deliveries. Do people not realise we’re in a poxy pandemic I’m sick of people abusing me over a pair of runners from JD sports WE’RE ON LOCK DOWN WHY DO U NEED NEW SHOES F OFF

    4. DO handle any issues calmly and rationally:

    And finally, slightly unrelated: 1. TIP your delivery people well. Do not complain about the condition of your delivered items. Do not call the store and yell at them. Be polite and thankful.

    5. Don't complain about unavailable grocery delivery slots:

    People are mad they can’t get delivery slots from supermarkets as if I’m not already working 3 sometimes 4 times my contracted hours in a week because we’re already so busy lol

    6. DO show and spread kindness:

    I know a lot of us are starting to get things delivered to our homes in an attempt to keep covid from spreading. I have no idea if it'll help them in any way, but I'm leaving thank you notes on my door for my delivery driver(s).

    7. Don't be stingy:

    i cannot stress this enough: IF YOU ARE FUCKING ORDERING DELIVERY DURING A FUCKING PANDEMIC TIP YOUR FUCKING DRIVER people have no fucking respect son. Go get yoy your own fucking food if you don’t wanna pay somebody

    8. DO tip in cash if you are able to:

    Just got this with our delivery and HOLY CRAP I had no idea 🤯 We’ll be ordering directly from now on.

    9. Don't treat delivery drivers like they're beneath you:

    Managed to get a food delivery — so thrilled. Left a £10 tip in an envelope for the driver and he sent me a heartbreaking message saying people aren’t even thanking him and he’s exhausted and that he’s so so grateful. What is wrong with people. Do better 🙏🏻

    10. DO be a kind human being:

    As a pizza delivery driver, I'm grateful for people's generosity during this time.

    11. Don't take your frustration out on your delivery driver:

    Hey assholes, if you order food for delivery and the restaurant makes a mistake (that is fixed eventually) or YOU forgot to order something, don’t take it out on the delivery driver by not tipping them.

    12. DO offer extra sanitation supplies if you are able to:

    Ooh ooh! A delivery driver took the pair of gloves I offered! Everyone, keep your drivers in mind.

    13. Don't invite or expect delivery drivers to make contact with you:

    Here's a message from another delivery driver who doesn't have the option to select a no-contact delivery. Customers are asking them to come into their homes, and they're the only ones that can properly request no-contact in the app. Drivers don't have that option built-in

    14. DO realize that these delivery workers are putting themselves at risk for you:

    Dover NH UPS Driver's customer left out for delivery driver's

    15. Don't be rude:

    I truly don’t understand why people are rude to their delivery drivers 🙃

    16. And finally, remember that a little goes a long way:

    I teared up a little when someone gave me this when I delivered food to them. This is the most thoughtful tip I've ever gotten as a delivery driver. He still tipped me a lot of money too 😭

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