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17 Unforgettable Moments And Trends Of The 2010s Decade

A look back on what really stuck out this last decade.

Reddit user Nercules asked the community what they thought the 2010s would be known for, and here's what they had to say in regards to some truly unforgettable moments of the decade.

1. The way streaming completely took over.


"Streaming became a viable alternative to cable." β€” GiantDuarf

2. The rise of hipster culture.

ngst_64 / Via Instagram: @ngst_64, beardoholics / Via

"Hipsters, beards, and especially hipsters with beards." β€”dottmatrix

3. The surge (pun intended) of Uber.


"Uber really became popular in this decade." β€”mossadlovesyou

4. The decline of phones with buttons and the rise of touchscreen smartphones.

Luminola / Getty Images

"The smartphone era, absolutely." β€”fantasticbruh

5. The moment dubstep appeared as a trend.

Benjamin_kunisch / Getty Images

"The 2010s will have to recognize dubstep." β€”ska_temp

6. The controversies surrounding Trump, Brexit, and other politics.

Matt Sullivan / Getty Images

"Probably for some of the questionable political decisions we've made in various countries around the world." β€”InstantShiningWizard

7. The increase of vlogging and becoming a vlogger as a career.

Shane Dawson / Via

"In the 2010s, becoming a Youtuber/streamer is now considered a valid profession." β€” i_am_vd40

8. The selfie boom.

kimkardashian / Via

"You can argue selfies were born in this decade." β€”BearEater

9. The (comfortable) trend of wearing leggings as pants.

Mike Coppola / Getty Images, Vincenzo Lombardo

"It'll be known for people wearing leggings as pants." β€”Mecha_G

10. The dominance of meme culture.

spongewey / Via

"Meme overload!" β€”FeralHusky

11. The popularity of very specific trends and filters.

Ariana Grande / Snapchat / Via @arianagrande, Tolgart / Getty Images

"Ombre hair, dog ears and snouts, flower crowns, tons of highlighter, and filling in eyebrows." β€”emdee39

12. The rise of new dance trends like dabbing, flossing, and twerking.

littlemixico / Via

"The dab. The motherfucking dab." β€”jeevan_mein_rang

13. The increase of people using vapes and fidget spinners. / Via, eleafuk / Via

"I think people will look back on this decade and remember fidget spinners and vaping." β€”KmKiero

14. The rise of virtual reality.

Leon Neal / Getty Images

"The acceleration in VR tech and its perception among the masses in recent years has been very promising, and companies have been investing to push the industry forward with full force. The first complete VR consumer headset came out in April 2016, and within just one year the VR industry has established a solid ground." β€”TheCadaver

15. The dominance of superhero movies in pop culture.

Marvel / Via

"Superhero movies." β€”croissantgiraffe

16. The norm of meeting people on dating apps.

"Meeting your significant other on Tinder or another dating app." β€”lisamarinara

17. And, finally, duck face.

Deagreez / Getty Images

"Duck face was definitely something." β€”messmd

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