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21 Things Teens Absolutely Won't Be Able To Recognize

Where did the time go, honestly?

1. Traveling anywhere by plane and seeing this ancient technology attached to the seat in front of you:

2. Rocking out to your favorite cassette tape on one of these bad boys:

3. Riding this clunky, uncomfortable, hard plastic merry-go-round at McDonald's:

4. Downloading all the latest jams from LimeWire and only feeling a little bit guilty:

5. Dumping your sugar-filled cereal into one of these festive Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle bowls:

6. And eating said cereal with the Trix spoons that actually changed colors:

7. Having a cool screensaver pop up on your desktop every time it went into sleep mode:

8. Watching Mr. Stick Stickly introduce what shows would be coming up on Nickelodeon:

9. Drinking out of these specific multi-colored sippy cups with the soft plastic lids:

10. Having a collection of handheld games featuring different characters:

11. Carrying one of these in your wallet:

12. Taking these tiny-ass photos on your super cool i-Zone Polaroid camera:

13. Creating beautiful masterpieces with this mind-blowing contraption:

14. Punching big numbers into the class set of bright blue TI calculators:

15. Spending HOURS designing an epic creation on Kid Pix Studio:

16. Collecting all the latest jams to blast on your revolutionary Hit Clips player:

17. Learning how to type by using Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing:

18. Reading Golden Sound Story books that let you know when you could push for a super cool sound effect:

19. Getting your first EVER cellphone that couldn't take pictures but included a mean game of snake:

20. Ignoring the super helpful Clippy Word Assistant when writing a paper for school:

21. And finally, owning one of these headphones with the cheap orange foam ear covers but not knowing where the hell it came from: