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    May 15, 2020

    19 Of The Most Hilarious And Relatable Californian Tweets Of All Time

    "Californians be like, 'What wine would pair well with my double double from In-N-Out?'”

    1. When it comes to finding a place to live:

    Californians be like, room for rent! 🔑 Nice and tidy! only $2500 a month!

    2. When it comes to talking:

    How Californians speak Yes: no, yeah No: yeah, no Definitely: yeah no forsure

    3. When it comes to giving directions:

    i love californians. they be like “yeah it’ll take you from the 71 to the 91”

    4. When it comes to seasons:

    Californians be like... “Happy 1st Day of Fall”

    5. When it comes to paying rent:

    californians be like “no im not suffering, my rent is literally only $2182/mo”

    6. When it comes to fashion:

    Californians be like "it's been so cold this December that I had to start wearing long sleeve crop tops"

    7. When it comes to gourmet meals:

    Californians be like, “what wine would pair well with my double double from In N Out?”

    8. When it turns to sweater weather season:

    @ABC7 When the temperature drops below 60 degrees Southern Californians be like

    9. When it comes to the struggle:

    People in California be like ugh this quarantine is so hard, all I did today was hike up a mountain to a beautiful view of the ocean and go back home to sunbathe in my pool 😣😣😖😔😞

    10. When it comes to drink preferences:

    Things Californians say: "Do you have eggnog but like... almond milk eggnog??"

    11. When it comes to wildfire season:

    The Entire Country: CALIFORNIA IS ON FIRE AGAIN! THIS IS A DISASTER! ITS THE END OF THE WORLD! Californians: it just be like that sometimes

    12. When someone brings up the drought:

    13. When it comes to communication:

    @joleary97 @DrakeGatsby @JJCarrido Californians be like oh man....that’ dude...deadass I’m like...kind of mad about it

    14. When it comes to snagging a deal:

    californians be like “i just found this 2 bedroom house 700 square foot with an orange tree in the yard for $3.5 million! what a deal!” 🥴

    15. When it comes to acclimating to the weather:

    People in California be like: “It’s 73° it’s so cold better put a jacket on” People in Nebraska be like: l” It’s 50° beautiful day outside!”

    16. When it comes to filling up:

    Californians be like...."Damn! That's cheap AF!'

    17. When it comes to feeling the ground shift:

    People in California be like:

    18. When it comes to layering up:

    @tiffacorn People in California be like

    19. And finally, when it comes to understanding our lingo:

    No one: Californians: “Dude” “The 215” “No yeah” “Yeah no” “Dude it’s not far, it’s only like 45 minutes away” “Bruh” “Dude” “The 91” “Is that a fucking straw?” “Coachella?” “Wow this gas is only 3.86” “Dude” “Bruh 75 is freezing”

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